Study Table Placement

Direction Results
North MBA, IAS, children will study the subjects related to carrier, will concentrate more with clear vision.
NNE Children get more solitude to study medical science, Ayurveda, science.
NE Research, creative, and design studies.
ENE Comics, kids will feel that studies are a burden and are more attracted towards sports.
East In Political Science, children would like to make more friends.
ESE In an analytical study, children will lose concentration.
SE Accountancy, kids will feel more aggressive for the full study.
SSE Children will love to study books related to health education, yoga, fitness.
South This will make it easier for children to sleep and study.
SSW Children will waste their time on other activities instead of studying.
SW Architects, science, music, kids will enhance their skills.
WSW Ideal field for study, they naturally gravitate towards studies and score good marks.
West Business development, children will feel more aggressive to complete the study.
WNW Studying will cause stress and depression in children.
NW Administration, children will get the support of the members to complete their studies.
NNW Children will focus on useless things like movies, music and will lose concentration.