IIAG Hidden Script

Friend’s !! IIAG Hidden Script means that, about which planet you are taking complete information. After understanding the script, it will be clear to you which planets will give results for which houses.

According to cusp astrology, a planet gives the results of its constellation, but along with it, it also gives the results of some other houses, to know about this secret we need to learn about the hidden script. Whether the house is tenanted or Not. What is aspect relation, after knowing all these things, we can easily know what results we will get regarding which house.

Similarly, you can know the result of 1 to 12 houses, which planets are affected by it.

ग्रह नक्षत्र उपनक्षत्र Hidden Script TN/UTN Aspect Comments
केतू(in/own) शुक्र(in/own) राहू(in/own) केतू-नक्षत्र(शुक्र) को 1-12 भावो मे फाइंड करना सबलोर्ड और स्टारलॉर्ड लेवल पर शुक्र- स्टारलॉर्ड(2) सबलोर्ड- 4 = 2,4 Same as three step theory Same as three step theory