Vastu for Business

A workplace is where you design your career path and your future. To ensure that the workplace offers you a positive and serene work environment, along with profit and efficiency at work, Vastu Shastra can be helpful. A place of business should have a balance of the five elements — air, water, fire, earth, and sky — for overall success.

So, if you are planning to create a fruitful work environment, we will suggest you some Vastu tips for your office space:


Plot shape

It's best to choose a rectangular or square plot for building your office. Also, make sure that the height of the building is equal on all sides for fruitful returns in the business.




The face of the building

The office building should ideally face the north, the northwest, or the northeast, as these directions attract positive energy, luck, and prosperity. However, the entrance or the main door of the office should face north or east for overall success in business.





Placing the picture or the idol of the deity you worship in the northeast direction of the office brings prosperity and luck.




Employees' Seating

It is suggested that the employees face the east or the north while working. Also, ensure that the staff does not sit under the light beam in the office. In case the light beam is unavoidable, it should be covered with a wooden board.



To ensure a strong financial support system, the accounts department should be in the north or the east direction, while the financial records should be kept in the cabinets facing the southwest or the north.





It is advisable that the people at managerial positions in the office work at rectangular tables and face the north or the east while working in the office. This can prove profitable.



Using pleasing and bright colors such as grey, white and blue in the office space helps create a positive work environment.




The office should be well-lit and adequately ventilated to avoid negativity and diseases. Natural lighting should be preferred wherever possible, as long exposure to artificial lighting harms the natural balance of the human body.