Vastu for Locker Room

The locker room is a place where all the important things like files, money, jewelry, etc. are kept under security. Every house has a room where a safe or a locker is kept and all the important documents are kept safe. This is the most important thing which requires security and safety from evil eyes. Constructing a locker room is another important task as it involves property, jewelry and cash, and many things a person cannot afford to lose. Vastu Shastra gives some guidelines on how to construct a locker room and keep the important things under surveillance. While determining the position of a locker room, many considerations you need to make, let’s have a look at some of them:




Location of the Locker Room

According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal location to construct a locker room is in the North direction of the house. It is believed that constructing the locker room according to Vastu Shastra helps in increasing the inflow of money and doubles the investment from time to time. But, in case, the direction is wrong, the outflow of money can be more than the inflow leading to losses and problems. So, choose the right direction for a better future.

The Size and Shape of the Room

Vastu Shastra explains the importance of the right size and shape of the locker room. It is important to have constructed a locker room ideally in rectangular or square shape. Triangular and even Pentagon-sided rooms are also acceptable but odd-shaped locker rooms are a big no. Make sure, the height of the locker room is equal to the height of other rooms otherwise; this encouraged stunted growth.

Direction and Placement of the Locker

The location of the locker is another important consideration to make. If there is a locker or almirah, then ideally it must be placed on the south side of the room, leaving south-east and south-west directions. Make sure the locker’s back is on the south wall, and the front side of the locker faces the north wall as it is considered auspicious. Avoid northeast, southeast, and north-west corners of the room for the locker as it encourages unnecessary losses and expenditure. When it comes to placing the locker, it must be placed in the right direction having at least one-inch distance from the wall. According to Vastu, the locker must be a foot away from the North-west or southwest direction. If space is less in the room, go for the east direction to fix the locker.

Placement of Doors and Windows

Vastu Shastra explains that the ideal situation is to have one door with two shutters for the locker. With increasing modernization, there are many different styles available in lockers, but the right way is to use a door with two shutters. The door of the locker room must be in the north or east direction as it is considered auspicious. Avoid south, south-east, south-west, north-west direction for the door. When it comes to windows, prefer east and north directions in the room.

Colour scheme of the Room

No room becomes a room without its color. Every room has its own story which is defined by the colors. If the colors are bright and vibrant, automatically the room looks happy and cheerful. On the other hand, if the color scheme is dull and dark, it feels like you entered into a depressing and gloomy place. Some colors attract prosperity, wealth, and riches while there are many colors that repel wealth and attract losses. According to Vastu, the color yellow is considered best for the locker room. The wall and floor of the room must be painted yellow as it is believed that this color brings increment in wealth.

Some other things to consider:

  1. In case, the north direction is not available for the locker room. The next best location for the room is the east side.
  2. Avoid using high beam lights or any special spotlight for the locker as it seems to put unnecessary pressure on the locker and makes it uncomfortable to watch.
  3. When it comes to placing the locker in the room, try to avoid corners because wealth cannot be put on the sides.
  4. No room looks good when dirty, cluttered and messy and when it comes to the locker room it becomes extremely important. Clean your locker room regularly, make sure it is free from dust and dirt, and is extremely neat because the god and goddess of wealth just cannot enter the dirty area.
  5. Locker rooms and lockers are especially to keep important and valuable things. When it comes to keeping jewelry, make sure to keep silver and gold on the western or southern side of the locker.
  6. A mirror near the locker is considered good. When a mirror reflects the locker, it multiplies the wealth and doubles the opportunity to gain wealth. You can always hang a mirror in front of the locker which reflects the proper image of the locker.
  7. You can place a fountain in the room or near the locker as the refreshing and pleasing sound of the water provides positive energy to the room and enhances the inflow of income.
  8. Keeping a birdbath in the house is considered auspicious for the house. It is said that having a birdbath and feeder in the house increases wildlife, increases the amount of energy in the house, takes away negative energies from the house, heals diseases, and increases the wealth in the house.

To conclude, nowadays, earning money and having big investments is a most important thing for any person. But, when the inflow of money increases it brings stress and anxiety to keep them safe. So, why not construct a locker room according to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra and protect the valuable items in a faithful manner. Use some tips and secure the locker with a blend of practicality and spirituality.