Shani Upasna


  • “Om Shan shaneshcharaya Namah " Chant this mantra more and more.
  • In the house, you should chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra with a rosary of Rudraksha, by setting the Parad and Sphatik Shivalinga (not others) on a beachhead, setting it in a pure vessel, worshiping it in a lawful manner.
  • Recite Sunderkand and worship Lord Hanuman, recite Sankatmochan
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa, Shani  Chalisa, and mantras of Lord Shani.On Shani Jayanti, go to the Shani temple, anoint, and worship Shani Dev.

Another solution:-

  • Burn sweet oil lamps under the peepal tree in the evening on Saturday.
  • Put a black horseshoe on the main door of the house on Saturday.
  • Donate black sesame, woolen clothes, blankets, leather shoes, sesame oil, urad, iron, black cow, buffalo, Kasturi, gold, etc.
  • Visit the temple of Shanidev, decorate him with black clothes, and make offerings of black gulab jamuns as per the procedure.
  • Make a ring of a horseshoe or a nail of the boat and wear it on the middle finger.
  • In your home temple, put a quarter past three blue Sapphires in a casket on Monday and pray “These are of Shanidev’s name” by keeping 12 rupees in your hand. Then purchase seven grains (satnaj) from 10 rupees and Spread the rest 2 rupees on the hole of ants or cold bushes and pray for the relief from suffering to Lord Shani.
  • After seeing the shadow in the bitter oil, donate it after moving seven times over yourself; donate even the worn clothes, do not donate money or jewelry, etc.
  • See the feet of the lord Saturn, Be away from seeing face.
  • Fast for Shani: From the Shukla side of the Shravan month, Start fasting for Shani, 33 fasts should be done, and then do udyapan and donation.
  • Write Shani Yantra on bhojpatra with a pomegranate pen by Ashtagandha on Saturday and wear it.
  • Give something as a donation to a poor lame man.