Inverter Placement

Direction Results
North Block opportunities and depend on others for growth.
NNE Creates such health issues, which need help midway at any point in time.
NE Limit your clarity of mind and depend on others to make decisions.
ENE Will seek the company of others for joy and happiness.
East Keep asking for help from the social circle.
ESE To come out of the brainstorming process can be put here.
SE Worth keeping here.
SSE Will lose self-confidence and seek others to promote them.
South A sense of tension will develop because of others.
SSW Requires frequent repairs and will be financially effective.
SW Reluctant to use specific skills and ask others to do the work for them.
WSW Children will help others with taking notes and doing housework.
West profit barrier.
WNW You will get a shoulder to cry on when you need it.
NW The ideal area to place inverters when necessary support is available.
NNW Will look for a partner outside the house for the fulfillment of desires.