Prayer Room Placement

Direction Results
North Ideal area for Yaksha Sadhana, Lakshmi, and Ganesh worship.
NNE Ideal area for the worship of Shiva family and Dhanvantari Ji and Ashwani Kumars.
NE Ideal area, members get blessed and get mental clarity.
ENE Ideal for worshiping Radha Krishna Ji here, members will get recharged quickly after the prayer. Ideal for Ram's court, Vishnu Lakshmi, good for politicians.
East Name and fame in the society.
ESE Recommended for stockbrokers.
SE Here only Maa Durga should be worshipped.
SSE One should worship Hanuman Ji here to gain strength and confidence.
South Maa Kali Puja can be done here, its ideal area deepens and calms the meditation.
SSW Except for the Aghori type of worship, all other worships should be avoided.
SW Vishwakarma Ji can be worshiped here, other things should be avoided.
WSW If Maa Saraswati is worshiped here, she gives knowledge and wisdom.
West Ideal area for Guru, Bhu-Devi, Sai Baba, everything else should be avoided.
WNW Yakshani Puja can be performed here, other areas should be avoided.
NW Ideal area for ancestral worship.
NNW Tantric worship is appropriate, others should be avoided.