Store Room Placement

Direction Results
North It should be avoided as it will hamper the career and growth of the resident.
NNE Impact on health of members, it should be avoided.
NE This should be avoided as it will cause blockage of the mind.
ENE Members take pleasure in collecting useless articles.
East Inhibiting social union by developing feelings of importance to society.
ESE A good place to store as it reduces anxiety and unwanted flow of thoughts
SE Always slow in the flow of money.
SSE Here is advice, it will give confidence, strength, and power.
South As advised here it will calm the mind and remove unwanted fear.
SSW Unwanted goods can be stored here, however useful, valuable, and good goods should not be stored here.
SW Valuable goods can be stored here, avoid junk, damaged, and useless goods.
WSW A good place to store here but avoid junk and useless stuff.
West Iron can be kept safe, but no junk and trash here is good.
WNW The ideal location will block the low mood.
NW Another ideal sector would be securing a banking position and support.
NNW As a female, it should be avoided, which reduces the attraction between the members.