Industrial Vastu

Industries should be such in such a manner that the production should increase and so the movement of finished goods. If the principles of the Vastu is followed, which can lead to more production, increased sales, no problem with labor, and smooth working.

Whatever be the industry, the principles of the Vastu broadly remain the same and should be kept in mind while preparing the building, constructing the building, installing the machinery, turning out the products, and dispatching them to the clients. Even though there are vast differences in production methods or process flow etc. in different industries but the broad principles of Vastu Shastra are universally applicable.

  • More open space should be provided in the east and the Northside than in the West and Southside.
  • The sloping of the floors should be towards East, North, and Northeast sides and never towards South, West.
  • Thicker walls should be constructed in the South and West Side of the building and the thinner walls should be on the North and east sides.
  • The staircase should be on the Southwest side.
  • The underground water tank should be on the Northeast side.
  • The overhead water tank should be in the Southwest corner.
  • Toilets must be placed in Northwest or Western corners but should never be constructed in the Northeast and Southwest corners.
  • Administrative office and other office blocks can be constructed in North, East.
  • Staff quarters, Outhouse should be built in the Northwest corner.
  • The basement should be constructed in the East, North, or Northeast corner of the proposed building.
  • Heavy machinery should be placed in the Southwest, West & South zones.
  • Northeast and centers of the building should be avoided for placing anything heavy.
  • The heat zone or the burners, boilers, ovens, generators, furnace transformers, chimneys should be in the Southeast corner.
  • No garbage should be dumped in the Northeast corner of the building or at the site, north or the east corner should always be kept free and clean.
  • In R.C.C. framed structure, the number of columns or the beams should be even and not odd.
  • The beam should never run above the machines & the workers.
  • The finished goods should be stored in the Northwest corner of the area.
  • A pooja room or a temple should be in the northeast corner and should be kept neat and clean.

We have to take care of the following points while studying the Vastu of the industry.

Vastu consultation of industry involves a thorough analysis.

  • Proper location of the industry regarding roads.
  • The exteriors of the office like shape, slope, height, water level.
  • The location of the beams.
  • The location of the basement.
  • The direction& placement of the Entrance, windows, stairs.
  • The direction & placement of the heavy machines, employees, owner.
  • The direction & placement of the raw materials, finished goods.
  • The direction and placement of the electrical equipment like generators, AC, cooler, audio systems.
  • The direction & placement of the pantry/kitchen.
  • The direction & placement of the toilets.
  • The direction & placement of the water products.
  • The direction and placement of the administrative area, guard room, staff quarters.
  • The direction and placement of the water boring, staff underground water tank, overhead water tank, septic tank, or the waste disposal.
  • The color scheme of the industry.