If a person wants to make a horoscope then he can use the Horoscope tool. Horoscope is a special feature of Nakshatra Gold software, which can be used to create any person's horoscope using Indian astrology and the Krishnamurthy method.

There are several types of tools used in Horoscope which are not available in any other software.

Silent Features Of Nakshatra Gold Software:-

  1. 16 Division Chart
  2. Varshfal
  3. Ruling Planet
  4. Advance Ruling Planet
  5. Winner Finder
  6. Cuspal Interlink Theory
  7. IIAG Hidden Script
  8. Cusp Promise
  9. Dasha Promise
  10. Bhav Phal
  11. Dasha Phal
  12. Dasha Transit
  13. Naadi Co-Ordination
  14. Education/Profession
  15. Remedies
  16. Ashtak Vargas
  17. K.P. Four-Step Significators
  18. Aspect In K.P. 3rd Type
  19. Rotate Chart
  20. Correct-5 Level Dasha
  21. Cusp Tool Setting
  22. Cusp Divisional Chart
  23. Transit Used
  24. Gemstone Recommendation
  25. Manglik/Sadhesati Vichar

Through all these tools, you can easily predict the horoscope.