Drawing Room Placement

Direction Results
North Ideal in this area, creating opportunities for discussion.
NNE Will receive tips for better health from visitors at home.
NE Leading discussions and contacts relating to religious matters.
ENE Entertainment, visitors will enjoy the welcome and company.
East Will develop understanding among the people you meet here.
ESE A fruitless discussion does not lead to any conclusion.
SE The meeting will give positive results but far from peaceful.
SSE The meetings here will always be conducted in a peaceful and gracious manner.
South Here the meetings are more relaxed and quiet.
SSW This should be avoided as it leads to financial loss.
SW Discussions related to relationships, ancestors, stability, skills.
WSW There is more talk related to the education of children in this area.
West Discussion and meetings will be productive and fruitful.
WNW Avoid as residents, will only talk with visitors about their problems in life.
NW Meetings and talks here will result in committed support to the visitors.
NNW Enjoy discussing the top of the likes there and feel pleased with the discussion.