Krishnamurti Paddhati (Advance)


KP astrology is essentially the investigation of Stellar Astrology in which we study Nakshatra’s or Stars and dependent on these boundaries, foresee an occasion in one's life.

There are various sorts of Astrology characterized around the world. KP framework is one of them. It is otherwise called "KP astrology". It is the best method to anticipate an occasion precisely. It is celebrated among stargazers because of its "Simple to Apply and Easy to Understand" idea. It is perhaps the most straightforward strategy in Hindu Astrology.

The essential idea of Astrology can be perceived by methods for standard practice and study. KP astrology isn't altogether different from Vedic astrology. The idea of KP framework or KP astrology has been gotten from Vedic astrology just as Western Astrology. These frameworks put stock in 12 Zodiac Signs, basically characterized around the world, henceforth KP astrology additionally doesn't deny this idea.

Course details:-

Course:- Certificate
Duration:- 5-6 Months (Approx)
Eligibility:- Pass in Class X or XII from a recognized board.
Course Fee:- 31,000/-
Mode of Course:- Both (Online/Offline)
Top Job Prospects:- Astrologer, Astrology Consultant, Astrology Teacher
Average Salary:- 40,000/- to ₹1,50,000/-

Nature and Goal of Course

For those who have differently approaching K.P and Advance K.P astrology, this correspondence keys for unlocking its language and its methodology, both in terms of chart interpretation and the application of remedial measures.

The goal of this course is to provide a good foundation for K.P Astrology. The main objectives of our institute are to teach the fundamentals of K.P and Advance K.P astrology and chart interpretation through the planets, signs, houses, aspects, yoga’s, dashas, divisional charts, transits and also vakri planet, ruling planets, up-nakshatra, prashan-kundali, aspects (1-12), K.P significators.

K.P and Advance K.P Astrology, which is also known as Krishnamurthi Paddhti astrology is basically the study of Stellar Astrology in which we study Nakshatras or Stars and based on these parameters, predict an event in one's life. This is a calculative system of astrological interpretation, containing an accurate method of analyzing and examining all aspects of life. This system of astrology is highly accurate and is very easy to use for astrologers and hence there are lesser chances of human errors.

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Required Documents:-

  1. 10th/12th/Graduation Certificate
  2. 2 Passport Size Photographs
  3. Aadhaar Card or Any One Address Proof (Like: - DL/Voter Card/Passport)