Vastu for Hotels

The hotel business is the new cool in the economy. People are starting hotels and restaurants and earning huge profits. The hospitality industry works on the quality of services provided and the facilities offered to the customers. Undoubtedly, the hotel business is on the rocks but constructing and maintaining a hotel in the long term is not an easy task. This business is full of risks and uncertainties; then there are high chances of failing. Then, what about the huge investment involved? How will you recover the loss?

Well, these are some of the questions that haunt a person’s mind and make him doubt the decision. But, instead of dropping the plan, there is always an alternative. Confused? What is the alternative? The best alternative to cover the risk and start a hotel is to get it constructed using the rules of Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture that guides on every step regarding the location, placement, number, space, and color of the place that attracts positivity and success.


Why Vastu for Hotels?

Vastu for hotels, restaurants, cafes, and motels helps to create an environment that enhances guests’ experience. Vastu's layout attracts more and more guests which in turn increases the popularity, and finances, and satisfies the customers.

Here are some of the Tips given in Vastu Shastra for Hotels to use them and allow the guests to come again and again:


The entrance of the hotel is the most important thing for a hotel. The entrance must be welcoming, beautiful, and elegant enough to induce customers to enter the place and try it out. According to Vastu, the entrance must be easy to find, accessible, and without any obstacles. Plant warm flowers and beautiful plants fix exotic fountains, and a smiling doorkeeper leaves an amazing first impression.


The plot for the Hotel:-

The first and foremost thing to do is to choose the plot for the construction. Make sure to opt for a rectangular, square, circular, octagonal, or hexagonal shape to cash in a lot of profit.


Location of the Plot:-

This is a crucial point to be considered. The location of the plot leads to the success and failure of a hotel. Vastu says to keep the location in such a manner that all the sides of a hotel face the road. In case, it is not possible to have a road on all sides, then north and east sides are a must. Also, make sure the slope of the land is facing towards a north-east direction. Even keep a check on the design of the hotel which keeps the north and east sides open.

The flooring of the Hotel:-

Have you ever seen a hotel where rooms are on the ground floor and reception on the first floor? Well, that sounds crazy, isn’t it? The ground floor of the hotel is meant for the reception and a small cafeteria for the hotel. You can construct some rooms on the ground floor, but reception and kitchen are a must.



Placement for the Kitchen:-

In a hotel, there are many floors with different rooms and other facilities. There are kitchens on different floors as well for the comfort of the guests. Vastu advises locating the kitchen in the southeast direction, adequate provision of lighting, ventilation, and space must be done. The main kitchen must be constructed on the ground floor in the southeast direction.


Placement of Rooms:-

There are many types of rooms available in the hotel. Some are deluxe rooms, honeymoon suites, conference rooms, and then there are rooms for massage, spa, and relaxation. The first floor can be used for the conference hall; on the other hand, rooms should be positioned in the South-west direction. Even the beds in the rooms must be kept in the south or west position so that the feet lie towards the north or west side. You can choose the northern and eastern sides of the balcony.


Placement of Electrical items:-

A room is not only about fixing a bed. Many other things are important for a room like an air conditioner, electric geyser, hairdryer, etc. For the installation of AC, the southeast location is apt, whereas for other items like hairdryer washbasin, the north, east, and northeast sides are the best.



Placement of Fountains:-

Hotels are all about what you represent. The more you show, the more you attract people to check in and have a pleasant stay. Many decorative items such as swimming pools, water fountains, and small side fountains are constructed to attract tourists. According to Vastu, the right location for water bodies is in the north, east, or northeast direction. Also ensure the area where water bodies are placed is a big, open, and spacious area to avoid any chaos and damage.


Colors for the Hotel:-

Using warm colors like orange, yellow, cream, brown, and tones of blue for the interiors and accessories look very attractive. These colors look vibrant and more favorable to the nourishing and enjoyable experience of eating. Cool shades like grey and green must be avoided as they eventually reduce

Placement of Bathrooms:-

There is a private bathroom and toilet for every room. But, apart from rooms, there are bathrooms and toilets for external use as well. The best location to construct the bathroom and toilet is in the northwest or west direction. These directions keep the negativity from entering the hotel and are also considered auspicious for the hotel.

People out there are crazy about traveling and when they travel, living in hotels is the only option. To lead the hotel industry, follow the tips mentioned above and construct one of the most beautiful hotels and let the competitors envy you.