Toilet Placement

Direction Results
North Career-related problems, limited opportunity to earn money and grow.
NNE Leading to poor immunity, individuals fall ill, take longer to recover.
NE Major health problems like memory loss, paralysis, and neurological problem.
ENE People feel sluggish with a feeling of heaviness, most of the members suffer from constipation.
East The reason for the small social circle, society does not see the individual, is ultimately antisocial.
ESE Reduces anxiety and analytical thoughts.
SE The obstacle of money and growth in life, Obstacle in marriage.
SSE Low confidence, low mood, and strength at work.
South The person despairs for name and fame, it also affects goodwill and brand value.
SSW The best area for a toilet is because it is the disposal area.
SW Troubled due to family relations and instability in life.
WSW Unable to save money, children will not be able to score good marks.
West Loss of profits, limited results even after sincere effort.
WNW Another good location will help to clear blocked emotions from the mind.
NW The bank reduces the balance and makes it different for the individual to receive the support.
NNW The lead and the couple lose their attraction to each other there, leading to extra-martial matters.