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Jyotish is the traditional Hindu system of astrology, also known as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology, and more recently Vedic astrology. The term Hindu astrology has been in use as the English equivalent of Jyotiṣa since the early 19th century, whereas Vedic astrology is a relatively recent term, entering common usage in the 1970s with self-help publications on Ayurveda or yoga.

Some western, as well as Indian scholars, believe that the horoscopic astrology practiced in the Indian subcontinent came from Hellenistic influences, post-dating the Vedic period and the Vedanga Jyotisha, one of the earliest texts about astronomy within the Vedas. However, this is a point of intense debate and many Indian scholars believe that Jyotisha developed independently although it may have interacted with Greek astrology.

Following a judgment of the Andhra Pradesh High Court in 2001 which favored astrology, some Indian universities now offer advanced degrees in Hindu astrology.

Course details:-

Course:- Certificate
Duration:- 3-4 Months (Approx)
Eligibility:- Pass in Class X or XII from a recognized board.
Course Fee:- ₹21,000/-
Mode of Course:- Both (Online/Offline)
Top Job Prospects:- Astrologer, Astrology Consultant, Astrology Teacher
Average Salary:- ₹10,000/- to ₹25,000/-

Nature and Goal of Course

For those who have differently approaching Vedic astrology, this correspondence keys for unlocking its language and its methodology, both in terms of chart interpretation and the application of remedial measures.

The goal of this course is to provide a good foundation for Astrology. The main objectives of our institute are to teach the fundamentals of Vedic astrology and chart interpretation through the planets, signs, houses, aspects, yogas, dashas, divisional charts, transits.

Indian Astrology, which is also known as Vedic astrology is the traditional astrology of our country. this is a comprehensive system of astrological interpretation, containing an accurate method of examining all aspects of life from health to enlightenment. it has tremendous power in both the prediction of events and for guidance on how to live in harmony with the universe, helping us to understand and transcend the influence of karma.

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Required Documents:-

  1. 10th/12th/Graduation Certificate
  2. 2 Passport Size Photographs
  3. Aadhaar Card or Any One Address Proof (Like: - DL/Voter Card/Passport)