Surya Upasna


  • Chanting of “Om ghrahini Surya Aditya Om” mantra. Must do it at least 108 times.
  • Wear a gemstone or copper ring. You can do it for one hour from sunrise on Sunday morning, by purifying it with panchamrit in gold/copper, on the ring finger.
  • Do havan from shveta arka (white extract) on Sunday.
  • Don’t eat salty and oily things on Sunday. Avoid both things for some time.
  • Donate salt, butter, red cloth, a red flower, and a copper plate.
  • Keep fast on Saturday.
  • Read aditya hridya strotra (आदित्य ह्रदय स्त्रोत).
  • Serve your father.
  • Wear Surya Yantra in Siddhi yoga on Sunday.
  • Give jaggery and wheat to bull on Sunday.
  • Donate anise, dates, and sugar.
  • Donate almonds and coconut on pilgrimages.
  • Suppress seven square copper plates in the sand on Sunday.