Shukra Upasna


  • “Om Shum Shukraaya Namah” Chant this mantra more and more.
  • Worship Kuldevi.
  • Mix ghee and sugar in cooked rice and feed the Taurus (bull).
  • Worship girls, provide food, and give them gifts.
  • Read Srisukta or Lakshmi strot.Wear a diamond on Friday.
  • Do not eat sour things on Friday.
  • Women should give items of makeup to married women.
  • Wear the 'Manjistha' tree root in Siddhi Yoga on Friday. Havan with timber of Guler tree.
  • Printed clothes, a beautiful brocade dupatta, a white horse, a white cow, a diamond, a mirror, gold, rice, fragrant substances, ghee, and silver, donate these items as per your ability. Worship Lord Shankar's family.
  • Offer food to a Brahmin who has eyes or curved vision and donate rice and silver coins and appropriate colored clothes (not black, yellow, and red). On Friday, write the Venus Yantra with a pomegranate pen on the Bhojpatra using Devi Gandhasthak and wear it by keeping it in a silver shell. Read Durga Chalisa or the thirty-two names of Goddess Durga.
  • Feed the pigeons with jawar on Friday.