IIAG Astrology Institute

Astrology Institute

IIAG Astrology Institute is engaged in providing the best Astrology & Vastu training services for people who have firm faith in Astrology and Vastu Shastra, located in Faridabad, India. We have been catering to many astrology courses such as Astrology:-

  • Indian Astrology
  • K.P and Advance K.P Astrology
  • Horoscope
  • Kundli Making
  • Match Making etc.

Our experts train the learners to sort out Personal, Professional, Health, Wealth, Love, Marriage, Child, Foreign, and Other issues of an individual's life through Astro and Vastu Science. After gaining command over All Aspects of Astrology and Vastu, you will be able to start your own business or work as a professional in this domain.

Or in Vastu Shastra:-

  • Vedic & Advance Vastu
  • 8 Direction, 16 Zones, 32 Gates
  • 45 Devta and how to balance them.
  • Relation between Astro-Vastu

We offer the best Vastu expert training and consultant services for those who want to learn Vastu Shastra, a science that is referred to as the "Science of Construction" in Hindu mythology.

Basically, Vastu is based on five elements like earth, water, air, space, and fire. Besides this, we also provide the best Vastu services like Vastu residential, Vastu commercial, Vastu remedies, Vastu for schools, malls, shops, and many more. All our courses and services are based on real facts of Astrology and Vastu Sciences.


Vedic Teacher- One who educates the society according to Veda-Vedang, Purana, Jyotish, Vastu and Dharma, he is called a Vedic teacher. The Vedic teacher has had a major role since ancient times. He inspires and awakens the society according to his religion.


  1. Teacher was given very revered position and treated with respect and honour throughout.
  2. He was equaled with Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh the Trinity of Hindu worship.
  3. Teacher was a parent to the pupils.
  4. Teachers and pupils lived together in Residential schools.
  5. Pupils completely submitted themselves to the teacher.
  6. The teacher was deeply involved with the student and understood all his strengths and weaknesses.
  7. He looked towards all-round development of the student.
  8. Students were very obedient to every command and wish of the teacher.
  9. Rapport of teacher-student was on a one to one basis.
  10. Teachers lived austerely – simple living and high thinking was their motto.


  1. It was well-organized.
  2. It was suited to the needs of society.
  3. It was considered as the greatest gift in ancient India.
  4. There was all-round development of personality.
  5. It helped to realize spiritual and moral values.
  6. It prepared man for worldly pursuits as well as the afterlife.
  7. It was freely accessible.
  8. There were no fees.
  9. Relations between teacher and student were cordial and intimate.
  10. Teacher’s status was very high.
  11. Curriculum was comprehensive. It included religious and vocational education.

Our Achievements

  • System of knowledge organized by ancestral and guru tradition.
  • Our guidelines will guide your life, not distract you.
  • Our remedies and solutions are well analyzed and fail-safe.
  • Our institute is very generous who first always listens to the problem of every person carefully.
  • There are no side effects and any bad consequences of our astrological remedies.
  • Deep study and research in astrology for the last 15 years.
  • Our extensive knowledge and experience make us globally famous.

IIAG is bringing essential parallel studies such as Vedic Astrology, K.P Astrology, Vastu Shastra, and Astro-Vastu to the masses through its online/offline courses.

Other Essential Material

Advance videos have been prepared by the institute for online and offline courses. The student and the researcher, who takes admission in the institute, are provided with these videos at the beginning of classes themselves. All these videos have been made according to the subjects of the course book. By watching it, you can benefit yourself in the field of Astrology and Vastu.

Note: - The entire certificate given by the institute will be provided as per the rules of the government. All the certificates will be given to the students by a government-recognized NGO.

Our Aims and Objectives

In today's competitive era, astrology is a great tool to connect with the stream of progress. If the human race makes good use of it in a classical and scientific way, then by removing the upcoming evil and obstacles and giving direction to its energy through astrology, it can achieve its goal in a timely manner.

IIAG Jyotish Sansthan is working in researching the direction and improvement of the time of birth of the person through Indian Astrology and Krishnamurti Paddhti.

The basic objective of the Institute is to:

  • The doubts and superstitions that have arisen in the common man in the field of astrology. To prepare astrologers for the society in a methodical manner by giving guru traditional education through his retirement and institution, who can make the society energetic and powerful with his energy.
  • To provide the highest education in astrology and to promote the study of astrology for human welfare.
  • To provide a high level of astrology science through computer software.
  • The main objective of our institute is that the problems arising in the life of a person can be solved scientifically and in Vedic form.

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