Vastu for Institution

Gone are the days when studies used to be less and learning about household activities were important. Nowadays, people prefer going for higher studies, learn a variety of subjects and become professional. People are working hard, studying day and night to learn different things and gaining knowledge in the field of choice. But, schools and colleges are not enough for professional studies, they lack knowledge and infrastructure. With changing times, people are moving towards educational institutions for professional and practical courses. Educational institutions provide better learning facilities, more professional environment and allow a person to prepare for professional exams and crack with flying colors.

Many people are even making a career by opening educational institutions, hiring well-educated staff, and helping students to prepare for the desired exam. When it comes to opening an educational institution, it takes a lot of hard work, huge investment, proper marketing, and human resource to keep all the employees as well as students happy. But, not every institution gets successful, some institutions open and then shut down after a certain amount of time.

What is the reason behind the lack of success? Well, reasons can be many like lack of investment, not up to the marking staff, lack of infrastructure or bad location. Yes, you heard it right, location plays a vital role in the success or downfall of an institution, if the location is wrong then be ready to close it down.

How to choose the right location? Which direction is best suited for the educational institution? Who can guide you about the right location, placements, and directions to gain success as fast as possible?

These are some questions that come to mind while constructing an educational institution. The only solution to all the architectural problems is Vastu Shastra; it has the power to construct a place and make it lucky for anything.

Why follow Vastu for Educational Institutions?

  • Increases business
  • Increase in student admissions
  • Brings fame to the institution
  • Financial stability
  • Retention of faculty
  • Mental peace to the teacher, students, and owners
  • No disputes
  • No stress

Vastu Shastra comes up with a variety of tips for educational institutions, all you need is to follow the tips and make the place one of the hottest and famous educational institutions in the city.

Let’s have a look at some of the Vastu Tips for Educational Institutions:

The entrance of the Institution:- According to Vastu Shastra, the north-east and east direction is considered auspicious for the entrance. These directions are in direct contact with sunlight, and the first rays of the sun enter through east and north-east direction which makes the area pure and removes the negativity.



Open Area:- In an educational institution, it is considered good to leave some open spaces in the east and northeast direction. Vastu advises using south, south-west, and west direction for construction as these directions are prone to negativity. Many negative energies can make a home in these directions that are why is best to cover the directions by constructing.



Placement of the Classroom:- Institutions are not complete without proper classrooms. All the classrooms must be spacious, big, and properly ventilated to increase the concentration and focus of the students. The entrance of the classroom must be in the east direction whereas the blackboard must be placed in the west direction. The teacher’s desk must be kept on a platform feet higher than the ground.



Avoid Beams:- Beams are harmful to eyes and brain as it creates pressure on the minds and makes it difficult to concentrate. Vastu suggests using beams in such a manner that it does not directly affect the eyes and does not create unnecessary pressure on the mind. It is always advisable to avoid the usage of beams, but in case it is unavoidable, then it must be constructed carefully, and no student sits under the beam.



Placement for the Staffroom:- Some institutions construct staffrooms for the teachers whereas some do not. The staffroom is the room for the teachers to keep their things, relax and discuss the syllabus with other teachers. Vastu suggests making the staffroom a happy, focused, and light place for the teachers the perfect direction in the northwest direction of the building.


Some other points to remember

  • A small canteen or refreshment area can be constructed in the southeast corner of the institute.
  • Toilets can be built in the northwest direction.
  • Owner’s office must be located in the southwest or south direction and also make sure the owner sits facing the north side.
  • Following this rule brings more business, prosperity, and wealth to the institution.
  • Meeting rooms must be situated in the north with a door opening in the east direction.
  • A reception and a cashier room is a must, and it must be located on the eastern or northern side of the institute.

To conclude, running an educational institute is the new cool and when you are investing a huge amount of money then why not consider the rules of Vastu Shastra and make the place a happening place? So, come out of the closet and get all the fame and wealth for the Institute, just by following some tips. Follow them and reach the top.