The entrance gate of the house is the most important element not to be ignored in house Vastu. The main entrance to a house is not only the entry point for the people but also for the cosmic energy. Hence, the correct positioning of the main gate according to the Vastu principles creates harmony between the house and the universe.

Finding The Main Entrance Location:

There are 32 possible entrances according to Vastu Shastra. After dividing a circle of 360°, you will get 32 entrances each covering 11.25°. Every cardinal direction (North, East, South, and West) is divided into 8 possible entrances. For instance, 8 entrances for North (N1 to N8), 8 entrances for East (E1 to E8), 8 entrances for South (S1 to S8), 8 entrances for West (W1 to W8).

Each entrance creates its effect but only a few of them offer positive results to the occupants of the house. As you can see in the picture given below, we have highlighted the most beneficial gates in green color.

Therefore, we have to mark all the 32 entrances on your map to decide the best entrance to your house. Follow these steps to find the perfect entrance to your house:

  • Firstly, mark the center point of your house on the map.
  • Determine the exact north point of your house using a compass.
  • Draw a line from the center to the North point of the house.
  • After drawing a line from the center to the north, now draw another line at 11.25° clockwise from the Northern point. It will be called N5. Now, at the regular interval of 11.25°, draw the rest of the lines clockwise and mark them like N6, N7, N8, E1, E2, and so on.

This is how you can mark all the 32 entrances on your map and thereafter you will be able to choose the best possible entrance for your house.

Main Entrance Effects – EAST

There are a total of 8 possible entrances in the East direction from E1 to E8. Two of these 8 locations are auspicious for the construction of the main gate. The auspicious gates in the East are known as E3 (Jayant) and E4 (Indra).

E1 [Shikhi] – This is the first Pada of East direction which is also known as Shikhi. The main entrance in this pada causes fire, and accidents and causes financial losses.

E2 [Parjanya] – This pada is known as Parjanya. Entrance in Parjanya or E2 results in wasteful expenditure and more girls are born in such houses.

E3 [Jayanta] – It is one of the auspicious entrances of the east direction. Such an entrance ensures wealth, prosperity, and success in life.

E4 [Indra] – This is another positive entrance in the east zone. It positively increases social associations. It attracts personal benefits from the important people in the government.

E5 [Surya] – An entrance into this zone causes people to be extremely aggressive and short-tempered. Hence, the residents will often make wrong decisions.

E6 [Satya] – This entrance makes people liars and unreliable because people living in such houses find it hard to keep their commitment. It also causes trouble for the daughter.

E7 [Bhrisha] – This zone should be avoided for the construction of the main gate. It makes the occupants insensitive and cruel towards other’s problems. It will attract trouble from the enemies.

E8 [Akash] – Vastu prohibits the placement of the main gate in the E8 or Akash zone. It results in financial losses, accidents, disease, and theft.

Main Entrance Effects – SOUTH

This is perhaps one of the biggest of all myths that a south-facing house is highly inauspicious. However, it is not the truth. Various Vastu case studies have shown that most successful businesses occupy South-facing properties.

But, there is no doubt that you need to be more careful while locating your main entrance in the south-facing house. There are 8 padas (entrance locations) from S1 to S8 in the South direction. Two of these 8 padas are highly beneficial which are known as S3 (Vitatha) and S4 (Grihrakshita). Other padas are considered inauspicious according to the rules stated in Vastu Shastra.

S1 [Anil] – This zone must be avoided for the entrance gate as it negatively affects the male child of the house. It will not only bring trouble to your son but there will also be a conflict between the parents and the child.

S2 [Poosha] – Such an entrance attracts trouble from relatives but it is considered good for people working in MNCs as it helps them get regular promotions and salary hikes. However, it is not the best option for the entrance gate in the south direction.

S3 [Vitatha] – The main gate in Vitatha Pada provides immense prosperity and success. Residents of such houses become skilled enough to get their work done. However, they do not hesitate to adopt unfair methods and tricks. So, this entrance does provide prosperity, but it also makes the residents unreliable.

S4 [Grihrakshita] – According to Vastu Shastra, Grihrakshita pada is the best entrance located in the south direction. It brings prosperity and fame. Therefore, it is considered good for actors and media professionals.

S5 [Yama] – It is one of the ominous entrances of the south direction. It results in lots of debts and financial losses. It is advised to not make an entrance gate in this zone.

S6 [Gandharva] – S6 entrance is also known as Gandharva. Such a house causes humiliation and gives poverty. It causes financial losses and defames.

S7 [Bhringraj] – This entrance results in a waste of effort in every aspect of their life. Hence, they become uninterested in hard work, and that ultimately causes in disappointment life.

S8 [Mriga] – This is the most inauspicious entrance according to Vastu Shastra. This entrance makes people rude and insensitive to others, which gradually disconnects them from society and they become lonely. It causes loss of wealth, power, and strength and brings sorrow to children. That is why the entrance gate in this zone must be avoided.

Main Entrance Effects – WEST

The West direction has 8 entrance locations from W1 to W8. Out of these 8 locations, only two are favorable for the occupants of the house. The favorable locations or padas are W3 (Sugriva) and W4 (Pushpdanta).

W1 [Pitra] – This entrance is not recommended as per Vastu as it gives poverty and reduces life span.

W2 [Dwarika] – This door creates instability in career and makes people insecure about family resulting in relationship problems.

W3 [Sugriva] – This pada called Sugriva provides incredible wealth, growth, and prosperity. It is one of the best entrances in the west direction.

W4 [Pushpdanta] – You can locate your entrance in the auspicious W4 pada which is also known as Pushpdanta. It ensures an increase in wealth as well as the prosperity of male children. Such houses provide you with a smooth and happy life.

W5 [Varuna] – This door gives mixed results. It makes a person a perfectionist at work, but at the same time, it also makes the person over-ambitious. Therefore, it can be advantageous financially, but it can also prove to be problematic at times.

W6 [Nakaratma] – This pada in the west direction is known as Nakaratma. As the name suggests, it is a negative entrance to the house. It adversely affects the mind and makes the person prone to mental depression. It is also very harmful to government employees. Overall, this is an ominous entrance.

W7 [Shauka] – People residing here become unhappy and stressed. Health and money issues are commonly found in such houses. And as a result, they start getting addicted to drugs and alcohol.

W8 [Papyakshama] – This entrance compels the people to use unfair, unlawful means for their benefit. It keeps the residents (especially men) out of the house and also provides opportunities for foreign tours.

Main Entrance Effects – NORTH

The number of auspicious padas (entrance locations) in the North direction is more than in any other direction. This is one of the reasons why North is considered very auspicious in Vastu Shastra.

Like all the other directions, north also has a total of 8 possible entrances. Three of these entrances are incredibly advantageous for the residents of the house. So, make sure to construct the main gate of your house in N3 (Mukhya), N4 (Bhallat), and N5 (Soma).

N1 [Roga] – This first door of the north is known as N1 or Roga. People living in such houses are harmed by the bad intentions of other people. It creates unnecessary fears in the minds of the inhabitants. It keeps the people (especially women) out of the house and also provides opportunities for foreign tours.

N2 [Naga] – It increases the number of enemies and there is a constant fear of them. It creates the tendency to stalk people. Naga's entrance also creates a feeling in the residents that others are jealous of them.

N3 [Mukhya] – It is an incredibly auspicious and advantageous entrance that brings an abundance of wealth, prosperity, and amazing growth to its residents. The occupants of such a house are blessed with more male children.

N4 [Bhallat] – This auspicious entrance is also known as Bhallat. This is a positive entrance and it ensures an abundance of inherited property, wealth, and prosperity. It opens new doors and opportunities for wealth.

N5 [Soma] – People residing in such houses tend to be more religious and calm. Soma Pada is considered a good choice for the construction of the main gate.

N6 [Bhujang] – Due to the behavior of the residents living here, people generally disapprove and avoid listening to them. This pada causes opposition and quarrels with a son.

N7 [Aditi] – This pada called Aditi is particularly harmful to the women of the house. Girls living here tend to defy the traditional beliefs of the family. For instance, it results in live-in relationships and inter-cast marriages.

N8 [Diti] – This is a positive entrance as it gives a higher bank balance and increases savings. However, N3, N4, and N5 are the most favorable entrances in the North direction.

Few Other Important Vastu Tips For Main Entrance–

  • The entrance gate should be heavier and bigger than other doors of the house.
  • Obstructions in front of the entrance gate is a strict no.
  • Vastu prohibits any water tank or septic tank under the main entrance.
  • Do not keep the main entrance gate higher than the compound wall.
  • Keep the entrance clean and clutter-free.
  • The irregular-shaped gate should be avoided.
  • The color of the main entrance gate should be according to the Vastu guidelines for that particular direction. You can also use neutral colors (cream, off-white) for the main entrance. Red color should be avoided.