Dasha Transit

The most important feature of Nakshatra Gold Software is Dasha Transit. This tool will help you to know the appropriate Dasha for the completion of work.

How to use Dasha Transit

2 and 3 level buttons in Dasha Transit to know about any Dasha, first Select Mahadasha and Antardasha, then select the cusp and matter which is related to the question, The Tool will show whether work will be completed or not in the selected Dasha.

How If there is promising work in Dasha's promise, then we have to see when it will be completed in transit. Transit plays a special role in the completion of work. If work is promising in Dasha, then we check in the transit when it will happen, and if transit also agrees about it, then that work is done in our life.

All of these calculations are already linked in the software. It will demonstrate only the duration of completion of any particular work.