Stairs Placement

Direction Results
North Increases opportunities for money.
NNE Affects your health and immunity.
NE Stairs are prohibited at this place.
ENE Affects the means of entertainment.
East Increase in social and business interaction.
ESE Freedom from unnecessary worry, the flow of clean thoughts.
SE An imbalance here can block the flow of your money.
SSE Increase in your confidence and strength.
South The imbalance of this zone binds to fame and comfort.
SSW This is the best place.
SW Increase in your family relationships and talents.
WSW Good results in education and savings.
West Profit and success.
WNW Relief from stress and depression.
NW The imbalance here affects your support and banking.
NNW Increase in the relationship between husband-wife and father-son.

There should not be stairs in the middle of North to East because this place should always be kept light and clean. But the stairs make this place heavy. This increases the chances of developing a disorder. This place is the factor for the generation of energy because at this place the head of the Vastu-Purush is located.

Stairs are always installed in two ways:-

  • Clock Wise
  • Anti-Clock Wise

Staircases are installed clockwise only in three zones (ESE, SSW, WNW). And in all other zones, Anti-Clock Wise is installed.

Note:- If their behavior is violated in these Zones, then you will get the consequences accordingly.

For Ex:- If you put stairs in Anti-Clock Wise Zone or Clock Wise in Anti-Clock Wise Zone, then you will get Negative Results.