Bedroom Vastu

Sometimes, the smallest things can turn your fortunes around. Vastu Shastra shows you how tweaking your bedroom can enhance positive energy and even bring couples closer to each other

You would have come across a lot of people who follow Vastu Shastra principles. They say Vastu can help you optimize your living space and life and help you stay positive. Even those who are not firm believers of the principles of Vastu Shastra, tend to follow it, once they understand the kind of organization and utility of spaces that Vastu helps them implement.

One of the most important personal spaces in your house is your bedroom. Let us see how Vastu can convert it into a place of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

“Vastu Shatra” is the Indian cosmic science of architecture and it helps create a harmonious environment to set up one’s life for wealth, happiness, and harmony. It’s all about creating a rhythm and balance to ensure a better life.

The direction of the bedroom as per Vastu

Ideally, the bedroom at south-west brings good health and prosperity for the homeowner and enhances longevity. Avoid a bedroom in the northeast or southeast zone of the house. In the south-east, it may result in quarrels among the couple. The bedroom in the northeast may cause a health issue. The children‘s bedroom is best in the east or north-west zone of the house.

Also, a bedroom in the north is considered lucky for everyone. It is especially very fortunate for young students who are looking for job or business opportunities. Similarly, a bedroom in the east will give them a sharp intellect and will help them excel in their studies.

Who should sleep in the master bedroom as per Vastu?

As per Vastu, only married couples should occupy the master bedroom, if it is a family that consists of married couples and other members who are unmarried. A regular-shaped bedroom is better than one with cuts and shapes made to beautify the look of the room.

Bed placement as per Vastu

According to Vastu, your bed should be placed with the head towards the east or south.

The bed placement according to Vastu in the master bedroom is important as it influences the sleep quality and health of the family. As per Vastu experts, the sleeping position in the master bedroom is either the south or the west. The bed should be placed against the wall in the south or the west so that your legs point towards the north or the east when you lie down.

The bed in the guest room can have its head towards the west. Also, it is best if your bed is made of wood. Metal can create negative vibrations. To encourage togetherness, a couple should sleep on one single mattress and not join two separate mattresses.

Avoid bed placement in the corner of the room as this prevents positive energy from flowing freely. According to the Vastu, the bed position should be along the central part of the wall so that there’s enough space to move around.

Sleeping direction as per Vastu

The best sleeping direction as per Vastu is south as it is considered the ideal sleep position if you want to have long, quality sleep. Also, sleeping with your feet to the north attracts good luck and fortune. Alternatively, you can pick a sleeping position with feet pointing to the east as it results in an increase in wealth and recognition.

Remember the following:

  • The direction of legs while sleeping Benefit
  • East = Reputation and wealt
  • West = Harmony and spiritualism
  • North = Prosperity and opulence

Avoid sleeping with your legs in the south direction, because it will prevent you from getting sound sleep. Southern direction is for the Lord of death and should be avoided. It may also lead to illnesses of the mind.

Mirror placement in the bedroom as per Vastu

Mirrors are thought to bounce energy around the bedroom, which may result in restlessness and amplify worries. It is especially important not to hang a mirror on the wall opposite your bed. Also be careful where you fix your dressing table, assuming it has a mirror.

According to Vastu, avoid a mirror in front of your bed as the reflection of one’s sleeping body in a mirror is inauspicious.

You can just cover the mirror facing your bed with a cloth so that it does not reflect you and your bed.

Mirror placement in the bedroom as per Vastu

Colors don’t just brighten our world; they also affect our mood, health, and happiness.

Ideally, paint your bedroom off-white, baby pink, or cream. Avoid dark colors. The room should be well-organized. Keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free, says Snehal Deshpande, an expert in Classical Vastu and Feng Shui.

Bed and bedding according to Vastu

Your bed should always have a headrest. Avoid a bed that is irregular in shape or even round or oval-shaped. A square or rectangular-shaped bed is always good in this regard.

Vastu for couples

Your bed in the master bedroom should be in the south region or southwest but never between the two. This causes failures in relationships. For a smooth relationship, the wife must sleep on the left side of her husband. Also, note that the northeast side of your room must not be cluttered.

If you are interested in keeping showpieces or art, make sure that you do not keep solitary items, such as a single animal or a lone bird. Always keep them in pairs, such as a pair of doves or even ideal couples like Goddess Lakshmi and Narayana.

Things to avoid in your bedroom as per Vastu


Refrain from hanging photographs of deceased ancestors on the wall.


Do not place the temple in the bedroom.

Broken items

Remove all broken or chipped items.

Iron beds

Wooden beds are the best, avoid wrought iron beds, as much as possible.

Overhead beams

Avoid a round ceiling above the bed and do not sleep under an overhead beam.

Follow these Vastu tips for the bedroom


Never keep a window open behind your head, when sleeping.


Keep the door of the attached toilet shut, when not in use. Bedrooms should not have doors that creak – fix them as soon as possible.

Let out negative energy

Mop the floor at least once a week with sea salt added to the water as it removes negative energy.

Kind of mattress

Use a single mattress even on a double bed in your bedroom, especially if it is the couple’s bed.

Almirah placement

If you have an almirah, it should be placed in the south/west wall.

Placement of bed

South/west walls are the best to place your bed. If you are unable to do that, ensure a four-inch distance between the wall and the bed.

Bedroom for kids

A southwest bedroom may not be suitable for kids.

Colors for the bedroom

Earthy colors such as almond shades are good for bedroom walls.

Vastu tips for a good night’s sleep

  • Do not sleep with your head facing the door as this may cause you to have nightmares.
  • If the bed is under a beam, this may lead to you having disturbed sleep.
  • Do not place the water jug placed in the South-East direction as this may cause sleeplessness.
  • Dark-colored furniture in the bedroom is not recommended.
  • Never leave the door of a wash space/attached bathroom open during the night.

Best plants for the bedroom as per Vastu

If you want to add some greenery to your bedroom, Vastu suggests the following plants as ideal:

Money plant: Place the money plant at sharp corners, to induce a stress-free aura. However, make sure it gets some indirect sunlight. This creeper is one of the best air-purifying house plants. So, make sure it has some support to grow.

Bamboo plant: Bamboo plants are seen as one of the luckiest plants as per Vastu Shastra, as well as Feng Shui. It requires minimal care and can be placed anywhere in the bedroom. However, the southeast corner is the most preferred area.

Lily plant: Lily plant is a symbol of happiness, peace, and harmony. Lilies also bring positive vibes and keep nightmares at bay.

Lavender plant: The relaxing scent of lavender is known for promoting inner peace. You can place it near your bedside table to get the best of its aroma.