Vastu for Restaurant

Whether you’re buying a building for your restaurant or going to construct one, it is crucial to focus on its Vastu Shastra. There are certain principles for all kinds of homes and buildings. The location of the restaurant should be appropriate, and one should choose a rectangular plot.

By following Vastu guidelines, it’s possible to attract positivity in the given space. Here, you can check out some tips to attract more customers with the right Vastu for the restaurant business.






The main entrance of the restaurant

One of the most important Vastu tips is that the restaurant entrance should be in the north or east direction. These two directions bring good fortune and wealth to the restaurant owners. The main entrance should look attractive and bright, which will bring positive energy inside the restaurant.

The main entrance should be well-maintained.



Seating arrangement

The seating arrangement of the customers should be on the ground floor as per the Vastu guidelines for a restaurant. It is important to give priority to the customers, and this is the reason they should be welcomed on the ground floor.

Get the best furniture for your customers.



Kitchen in the restaurant

According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen of the restaurant should be in the southeast direction. This is considered the most auspicious direction to keep the burner. The toilet of the restaurant shouldn’t be near the kitchen, since it can create a foul ambiance.

Keep the kitchen free from cockroaches.



Wall color of the restaurant

The wall colors of your restaurant should be inviting, and that’s why you can paint it in bright colors. It is necessary to avoid dark shades in the restaurant. Orange, blue, yellow, green, and neutral colors are quite auspicious for the restaurant.

Never choose dark colors for restaurant walls.




Water fountain

The water fountain on the lawn of the restaurant is considered good, and it should be kept in the northeast direction. It is considered lucky to have a water element in this direction, as it brings in good luck.

Water in the fountain must be running.





Toilets in the restaurant

Vastu for restaurant suggests that the toilets shouldn’t be near the kitchen. The toilets should be in the west or north-west direction of the restaurant. The wall of the toilets shouldn’t touch the kitchen walls.


Don't ignore cleanliness in toilets.




Storage room

The storage room of the restaurant should be in the southwest direction. There should be ample space to place vegetables, oils, and grain sacks. This direction is considered auspicious to keep raw food material in the restaurant.

Keep the storage room neat and clean.




Dark and dingy restaurant

The restaurant must be well-lit since dark areas call for negativity. In a dark restaurant, evil energies can enter easily. The corners in the storeroom or basement of the restaurant should have lights.

Get better lighting for the restaurant.




Cash counter in the restaurant

The reception and cash counter of the restaurant should be in the north or east direction. These two directions are considered best when it comes to dealing with money and transactions. There shouldn’t be any pillars or beams near the cash counter, as it will increase losses.

Avoid too much crowd on cash counter.




Natural plants near windows and entrance

The plants near the windows and entrance of the restaurant are considered healthy. It is best to avoid artificial plants because they can’t impart real positivity, and aren’t even very pleasant to the eyes.

Plants catch the customer’s attention.

After knowing these Vastu tips, you can easily apply them in the establishment. If you want to avoid obstacles and troubles in your restaurant business, it can only be possible with the right Vastu Shastra.