Kitchen Placement as per Vastu

Direction Results
North Hamper care and development, the food cooked here is not that good in taste.
NNE The health of the residents is adversely affected.
NE Avoid in this zone, aggression and confuses the mind.
ENE Members will crave fun and enjoyment in life.
East Gives average results in this area.
ESE Relationship disturbances can lead to diabetes and high blood pressure.
SE The ideal area is to improve cash flow and recover blocked payments, although members can be aggressive.
SSE Another good area, it develops confidence and strength, the cooked food is also delicious.
South It brings name and fame, members lead a comfortable life.
SSW Avoid making here, clashes between family and waste of money.
SW Delay in marriage leads to instability in the relationship.
WSW Affect savings and hair high temples with little interest in studies.
West Ideal location, improving life.
WNW The wife keeps complaining about her husband's habits and nature, otherwise fine.
NW Affect support in life, not fair.
NNW creating disturbances among the members.