Navgrah Snan Aoshdi

Graha Shanti with Navagraha Snan Potion

(Home-peace from bathing)

In Merutantra, the tantric use of bathing with some herbs, fruits and plants etc. has been told for the peace of the planets.

  1. Sun
  2. Bath the powder of Kaner, Dupahariya, Nagarmotha, Deodaru, Mansil, Kesar, Cardamom, Padmakh, Mahua flowers, Aromawala in water for the happiness of the Sun.

  3. Moon
  4. For the happiness of the moon, bathe with Panchagavya, silver, pearls, conch shells, oysters and kumud in water.

  5. Mars
  6. For the happiness of Mars, take a bath together with red-sandalwood, fennel, cinnabar, malkani and moulsari flowers.

  7. Mercury
  8. For the happiness of Mercury, take a bath with Harad, Bahera, Goya, Akshat, Gorochan, Swarna, Amla and Madhu together.

  9. Jupiter
  10. To please the Guru, take a bath with mustard and malti flowers mixed in water.

  11. Venus
  12. For the happiness of Venus, take a bath with cardamom, saffron, mansil, mril, harad, bahera and gooseberry in water.

  13. Saturn
  14. For the happiness of Saturn, one should take bath with water mixed with antimony, black-sesame, fennel, nagarmotha and clove.

  15. Ketu
  16. For the happiness of Ketu, one should bathe with water mixed with Sahadei, Lajalu, Bala, Motha and Priyangu-higonth.

For the Navagrahas

Lajwanti, Chhuimui, Koot, Khilla, Kangni, Jaw-mustard, Deodaru, Haldi, Sarvodhi and Clove together with all these together with the water of the shrine, bathing regularly in the morning brings peace and prosperity to the planets.

Yatha Siddhaumaghe roga nashyayurmantrato bhayam.

and bathing-Vidhanen Grahadosha: Pranashyati.

Just as all kinds of diseases are destroyed by the use of Siddha medicines and fear is destroyed by mantra, in the same way the defects of planets get destroyed by taking bath in the appropriate method.