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A Kundli or horoscope is an astrological chart that is created on the basis of birth time, date, place of a person. This determines the position of various planets, signs, sun, and moon, astrological aspects, and other significant information when a child is born. It provides an insight into a person’s personalities, past, future, and present.

  • Kundli For One Year With Monthly Varshfal
  • Kundli For Five Years With Yearly Varshfal
  • Kundli For Ten Years With Year Wise Varshfal
  • Kundli For Lifetime

Use Of Kundli:-

As We Know That Planets And Nakshatra Play Very Important Role In Our Daily Life. By Using Kundli A Person Get An Idea About His/Her Life Mainly About His/Her Education, About His/Her Spouse, Number Of Son/Daughters, What Type Of Business/ Job, He/She Will Do, His/Her Main Earning Will Be From Which Resources, Married Life, Disease, Water, Land/House Etc.

  1. Kundli gives you detail information about your personality, carrier, relationship, finances, and other aspects of life.
  2. It helps you predict the most suitable carrier options, depending on your signs and personality traits.
  3. Many people take the help of Kundli for perfect soul-mate.
  4. Lucky color, lucky gemstone, and lucky number can find out with Kundli.
  5. You can get information about your future, also remedies and solutions to decrease the intensity of problems.
  6. You can know about the favorable and unfavorable time span of your life.
  7. It can warm you about disease/ health issue that is due in your future
  8. It gives you an idea about the number of children, spouse, health, wealth, land, house, vehicle, etc.

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