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Krishnamurthy Method

In the modern era, the Krishnamurthy method is used for the most exact prediction. In the Krishnamurthy method, a person can easily know about the occurring events of his life because this process has been proven on all the evidence. The events of life like marriage, education, accidents, and profession, etc can be easily predicted through it. There are three major areas in Krishna Murthy's method: First ruling planet, second horoscope, and third horary. The ruling planet is the golden key to this method. The zodiac path is divided into 12 signs - each sign is 360/12 i.e. 30 degrees. Also, there are 27 constellations in the zodiac path. Each constellation is 360/27 i.e. 13 degrees and 20 minutes.

Planets have their own natural properties. But constellation is much larger than the planets and produces more magnetic waves. That’s why constellations are considered more powerful as compared to planets. Krishnamurthy believes that the planet takes the properties of the constellation in which it is residing and most of the results are predicted as indicated by the constellation. On the basis of Vimshottri Dasha of Maharshi Parashar, all the constellations are divided into nine parts. In Vimshottri Dasha of 120-years, the years which are divided among planets like sun, moon, mars, etc, on the same ratio each constellation is divided into 9 equal parts. Each division is called nakshatra nawansh, Upadhipati, or sub lord.

For example, in the constellation of Ketu (Ashwini, Magha, and Mool) the subpart starts from Ketu and ends on the subpart of Mercury. In the constellation of mars (Mrigshira, Chitra, and Dhanishtha) the subpart starts from mars and ends on the subpart of the moon. Subpart means 1/9th division or part of the constellation. But constellations of the sun and Jupiter are divided into 10 subparts which give 6 additional subparts. That’s why 27 constellations into 9 subparts give 243 subparts and 6 Additional sub-parts of the sun and Jupiter gives a total of 249 subparts. Each planet gives the result of the indicating cusps on the basis of its position in the horoscope. The increasing order of force is: indicating planet – the owner of the cusp, a planet located in the constellation, and planet located on the planet of the constellation. Ascendant, second, third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh cusps are considered growth factors. Due to these factors, the natives receive good results. Fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and twelfth cusps are considered decadent factors.

The natural auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of planets is not considered in the Krishnamurthi method. If a planet indicates growth factors, it will give auspicious results and if it indicates decadent factors it will give inauspicious results. All results will be experienced in a combined period of Dasha, Bhukti, and Antra. The basic idea of Krishnamurti is that the sub lord converts the results of the sub-lord-in-star. Sub lord determines the results received by the native. Sub lord in star tells about the source but the final decision of the results to be obtained by native are decided by sub lord. This analysis can be done in two ways. A – Dashanath (Lord of Dasha) will give good results or not. For example – a native is having a Dasha of Jupiter which signifies 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 factors. Jupiter is in a subpart of Rahu which is an indicator of 1, 2, 5, 7, and 10 factors. It means sub lord is related to growth factors and hence Dasha of Jupiter will entirely cause auspicious results.

If sub lord indicates 8 and 12, even though Jupiter indicates growth factors still Dasha will not provide auspicious results. Only sub lord of the cusp is considered which is related to question not sub lord in star. For example, in questions related to marriage, only sub lord of the seventh cusp is considered instead of sub lord in star. If a planet passes over a constellation during transit, it will give results of subjects as indicated by the owner of that constellation. Even though the planet is not related to indicators it will still give results as per these indicators while transiting its constellation.

If a planet is not related to marriage significators 2, 7, and 11, it will still result in marriage during Dasha of the sun while transiting on constellations of sun. Mainly it will provide results as per transiting constellation. Therefore it is important to precisely observe the transit of current Dashanath while predicting. That may indicate any cusp, but during transit, it will provide results as per transiting constellation.