How to Useful 16 Zones In Human Body

  1. If a child is not taking interest in the study just put his/ her books in SW. (Exactly in WSW)
  2. If you want help from the govt. then put Ashoka Stambh NW.
  3. Put a symbol of Eagle in ESE to increase sightedness in business.
  4. Use “Red Horses” in South Direction to increase productivity.
  5. Use “ White Horses” NW to gain fame in banking.
  6. If you are in the fields of marketing and want to create a new opportunity to use chessboard in North/West.
  7. For good relations use “Love Bird” in SW.
  8. Put “Sun Symbol” in the East to increase social interaction.
  9. Yellow-colored Kalas is used to reducing expenses and wastage also.
  10. “Kam Dhenu” is capable to fulfil all wishes in E/SE.
  11. Deer can be used to increase the speed with grace in work if It is put in the west.
  12. Pair of B/W Rabbits can be used in E/SE to increase networking.
  13. Kuber in the north gives new opportunity and income for services you offered to others.
  14. Use some color swastika which is the imperfect expective zone.
  15. If you are planning to purchase is the property in any ruler area put a painting of a village scene with a black frame in W.
  16. To get your ancestor’s property put this scenery in SW