4th house is for education, mother, vehicle, lord, house, etc. In the 4th house, the moon is related to the mother, venus is for the vehicle, mars is for the house & the lord and mercury is for the education. Mercury represents Jyotish, education, memory, mind, communication ability of arguments, agent, clerk, letter posting, newspaper advertisement, press, math, business.

For education, mercury is not only significant but venus & Jupiter also represent education different planets help in different fields like- mercury for maths, Jupiter-law, sun-medicine, mercury+mars- engineering, Jupiter+mercury- writing work, mercury+moon- audit.

Similarly, houses also represent many things and a single thing is learned from many houses. 2nd house is for local and this represents local charts. In primary we focus on oval, 4th house in which attendance is taken in classes & school/ college education is so come 9th house specifically higher education like law, engineering, MBA, MCA. The 5th house represents the mind and the 10th house shows professional education. So, for education 2, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11 houses and lords of their planets use important. For education, we must check whether some bad planets are sitting in malefic houses like 6, 8, 12 which can usually problems in education. Planets helping for education are mercury, venus, Jupiter, moon, and based on planets are Rahu, Saturn, Mars.

For education is it equally important to check the relationship between planets and houses. Bad planets can give a good result if up-nakshatra of planets is in helping planets, so the fixed decision should be taken considered

  1. Position of sub-nakshatra, up-nakshatra of education house
  2. According to nakshatra
  3. According to Drishti

For education Dasha, Antardasha of planets equally important behavior of planets, lord of houses, nakshatra, eyes on houses of education, education type from planets nakshatras. For successfulness of education position of sub-nakshatra, lord, conjunction & Drishti 2, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11 should be considered based in sub-nakshatras. For either education check sub-nakshatra of 4th house, it’s nakshatra and Its lord is in 9th house than a person gets higher education.