Direction in Vastu

For a plot, there are 4 principal directions, otherwise called cardinal directions and another four are auxiliary or intercardinal, or ordinal directions.

What Are The Principle Directions?

The principal directions are East, West, North, and South. The principal directions are also called cardinal directions.

What Are The Auxiliary Directions?

The auxiliary directions are Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, and Northwest. Auxiliary directions are also called Ordinal directions. Each auxiliary direction consists of equal two half sub-auxiliary directions, thus the two half of the Northeast direction are Northern Northeast and Eastern Northeast. The portion immediately after North is North-Northeast direction and immediately after the East direction is Eastern Southeast, likewise, this method applies to all other intercardinal directions.

How Many Directions And What Are Their Degrees As Per Compass?

There is a total of 16 directions including 8 cardinal and 8 Ordinal directions. Below are their names with degrees.

  1. North: 0° or 360°
  2. Northern Northeast / NNE: 22.5°
  3. Northeast: 45°
  4. Eastern Northeast / ENE: 67.5°
  5. East. (90°)
  6. Eastern Southeast / ESE: 112.5°
  7. Southeast / SE: 135°
  8. Southern Southeast / SSE: 157.5°
  9. South: 180°
  10. Southern Southwest / SSW: 202.5°
  11. Southwest / SW: 225°
  12. Western Southwest / WSW: 247.5°
  13. West: 270°
  14. Western Northwest / WNW: 292.5°
  15. Northwest / NW: 315°
  16. Northern Northwest / NNW: 337.5°

What are the Secret Magical Numbers in All Directions?

Have you found one secret magic in direction degrees? When we do add the above each direction digits, the final answer will be "9". For example Eastern Northeast = 67.5°. (6 + 7 + 5 = 9), another example: Northern Northeast = 22.5° (2 + 2 + 5 = 9). That is why most of the residents interested in the number "9".Have you noticed one thing, many vehicle owners spend a huge amount on their vehicle registration to get the number "9" or "9999" number. It is a sentiment for many billionaires and millionaires.

Significant Information on Directions

  • Similarly, Eastern Southeast adjoining Eastern direction and Southern Southeast adjoining South direction.
  • Further, South-Southwest and West-Southwest are the true half of the Southwest.
  • Western Northwest and Northern Northwest are the two half of the Northwest.
  • The plot has to be divided into all these 8 directions talking with the central point or otherwise called Brahmasthan.
  • Brahmasthan is the geometric center of the plot, for a plot or a house.
  • Any other shapes are unfit to be considered for Vastu. The plots have to be parallel to the road adjoining the same.
  • We all are aware that we start Vastu dimensions by locating the magnetic North by using a magnetic compass.
  • Place the compass in the center of the plot or flat, mark North, south directions and draw the radial line, North and South are marked.
  • At the Brahmasthan, a line drawn at 90° to the North-South is East-West directions. The principal directions are thus marked.
  • From the Brahmasthan on the North-South line draw two lines 29° on either side. The extent of North is thus 58°. So also South accordingly. Similarly, 29° on either side marked on the East-West line designates the regions of East and West accordingly.
  • Thus the influence of the 4 cardinal directions and their geographical dimensions are marked on the plot.
  • The other 4 corners namely Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest are the other 4 triangular spaces remaining.
  • In the center mark, a square location parallels the external dimension at the rate of two lines on each side. This rectangular space would be Brahmasthan.For a flat, an apartment complex in addition to this 8 cardinal and auxiliary directions are added two more directions are Sky and Earth. The placement of various services such as water tank, mumty, staircase, water pump, servant quarters is usually placed on the ground or on top of the roof or both. The citing of these affects the residents of the flat or apartment complex as a whole, thus all these 10 directions are attended to.
  • Many people think the 8 directions are equal in their geographical intensity and apportion 45° to each side equally. The fact is as follows:
  • Sun rays fall perpendicular to the earth only up to 47° as such that alone is East accordingly all other divisions are made.
  • However, the difference between 47° and 45° is rather insignificance. As such taking 45° as equal to one direction would be yielding satisfactory results in most common cases. In large enterprises taking 47° would be more appropriate.
  • At this point, we would like to mention the difference between the true north and magnetic north.
  • The core of the earth containing molten iron makes the magnetic north deviate frequently from the true north. For average people, it is near impossible to accurately mark true north. Again here the difference would not matter to our Vastu principles in any significant way. Not only this the magnetic north is far easily recognizable than the true north which is a complex mathematical phenomenon.
  • Taking this into consideration, we suggest only magnetic north. In the same way, taking the geographical realm as 45° is not considered negative in almost all cases.