Janam Kundli

With the help of the IIAG Institute, a person can know about his entire life. A person is always in a need of proper guidance throughout his life. If the guidance received at the right time and by the right person, then you can get a special place in your life. Friends, IIAG Institute will inspire you to the truth of your life.

FULL VERSION @ 5100 will cover the following points:

  1. Your horoscope will be based on both Indian astrology and the Krishnamurty method.
  2. Your health and diseases will be shown in a special way in your life.
  3. How will be education in your life?
  4. Children, marriage, and happiness in marriage life.
  5. How will be the competitions for you?
  6. What will be the financial status?
  7. What will be your profession?
  8. Find answers to all questions related to foreign travel and abroad.
  9. How will be your luck in lawsuits, business, political life, imprisonment, and your fortune in other matters of life?
  10. What is the current Dasha in your life and what will be the result of it?
  11. Which gemstone is good for you and which gemstone you should wear?
  12. What measures should be taken to overcome the sufferings in life?
  13. What are the measures you should follow in different Dasha of your life?
  14. Possibility of molaank, Bhagyanak, Shubhushabh knowledge, Manglik Vichar, Sadhasati.
  15. You will be offered a prediction for each month through this FULL VERSION @ 5100.

All these points will be covered in horoscope FULL VERSION @ 5100.