Chandan Mala

Chandan Mala

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This Garland is best for chant and holding. In this garland. In this Garland, there are 108 beads and one Sumeru. This is good for the chant. On this garland chant of mantras of Venus planet is done. To get a special result from this garland, keep it in a clean place and chant with a pure mind, and then benefit is sure. This garland is very dear to Laxmiji. From this Garland, Sadhak will definitely get the benefit of money.

This garland can behold on the neck. If one cannot hold it then one can keep it at the place of worship. By this, its purity lasts longer. At the time of prayer, garland must be there, because, without garland, the full result of the chant of mantras will not be achieved.

  • By chanting through this garland, an increase in wealth, and mental peace is achieved.
  • By Chanting through this garland, compatibility is received in the quarrel & rift in the family.
  • This garland is helpful in making favorable even the bad effect of Venus in the horoscope.
  • This is especially beneficial for mental peace, education, married life pleasure, family happiness, woman-happiness, achieving knowledge.
  • By holding this garland, there is peace and a reduction in anger.

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