Blue Sapphire-Neelam

Blue Sapphire-Neelam

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Blue Sapphire in gemstones is dark blue colored just like a peacock’s neck or light-colored transparent gemstone. This is considered to be the representative of Saturn Planet. This is found in many colors. Out of these, dark-colored Sapphire is rare and hence are very costly also. The nature of this gemstone is hard. Sapphire is called different names like Neelmani, Indraneel, Mani, Trisha, Grahi, etc. Sapphire is called Blue Sapphire in English, this is from the category by which category Manik comes.


  1. If in the horoscope Saturn is situated with Shashtesh or Ashtmesh then wearing Sapphire by the Jatak is good.
  2. Sapphire is beneficial for persons having a harsh tendency.
  3. If in the horoscope of Jatak there is running Sadhesati of Saturn then wearing sapphire is good.
  4. Whichever Jatak is major Saturn Planet, they must wear Sapphire.
  5. If in horoscope Saturn is setting, curvature and weak and in the morning represents the emotions then wearing sapphire by Jatakis auspicious.
  6. Wearing Sapphire in Saturn’s Dasha and antardasha is beneficial.
  7. Wearing Sapphire is considered good for Jataks who are doing cruel, brutal works.

How to test in original gemstone

If in the moonlight night, a fair skin female is standing with a milk filled vessel, in the moonlight night and if sapphire’s light is placed on milk and if sapphire gives its blue reflection on milk vessel and female both than that sapphire is ok.

  • If a straw is kept near Sapphire, then it sticks to it.
  • This is very sharp in sunshine and bright rays emanate from it.
  • If Sapphire is kept in a glass of water and there emanates clear blue rays.
  • Keeping Sapphire in milk, the milk looks like blue.

Colour- Pink, colorless, orange, green, black, yellow, violet.

Hardness– 9.0

Relative density– 3.99-4.00

Vertical– 1.766-1.774

Shine– blue, weak, orange.

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