White Zircon

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white zircon

Onyx (gomed) is considered a gem for Rahu. The color of onyx is like cow's urine or the color of honey or the color of the ember. Onyx is called Zircon in English. The owner of Onyx Gems is Rahu. It is dark and attractive in color. Onyx is the gem of the garnet gems group which is called hessonite in English. It is an impressive gem, which removes the bad effects of Rahu.


In order to increase the effectiveness of the house of a horoscope in which Rahu is positioned and in order to increase the results of it, a gem of Rahu Onyx should be worn.

In Aries ascendant horoscope, if Rahu is in the ninth house, the fate of the native becomes strong by wearing onyx.

Wearing onyx removes the ominous effect of Rahu.

The troubles of the Kalsarpa defect are also protected.

By wearing onyx, the health of the person and the condition of wealth remains good.

If Rahu is the owner of inauspicious houses and placed in the sixth or eighth house from its place, then the person should wear onyx.

How to test in original gemstone

On rubbing onyx with wood filings, it becomes more lustrous.

Onyx changes its color inside the cow urine (Goumutra).

Color - yellow, colorless, brown, purple, blue, orange, red

Hardness - 6.5- 7.5

Relative density - 3.90- 4.71


Brightness-light orange, weak, light blue, light red, and brown.

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