Kidney stone

Kidney stone

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Kidney Gemstone is also known as Malachite Stone. This is a gemstone of dark green color. The upper side of this stone looks like a kidney. It is called kidney gemstone as it is helpful for getting a release from kidney-associated illnesses. Additionally, it is also used for eradicating stomach and heart allied diseases. Malachite Gemstone can prove extremely helpful for those, who are suffering from kidney-related illnesses or the people who have been recommended to change their kidneys or are on dialysis. It looks like a normal gemstone; but, its results are amazing.

Malachite Green Stone is believed to be strong protection of children. It is said to guard the possessor against accidents and defend travelers. Malachite helps to get victory in business and protects against undesirable business relations. It is a gemstone of harmony in relationships. It has been called the ‘mirror of the soul’ because it reaches the inner feelings of the person and reflects what is there, negative and positive. It brings your body to the next level of health by altering it to any hidden disharmonies, improved communication, and corporation among all parts of your body, which functions like a fine-tuned instrument.


Kidney stone helps in curing kidney diseases.
Kidney gemstone helps in curing stomach diseases.
Kidney Gemstone removes negative effects.

It is of a cloudy deep green color and is non-transparent. This is particularly good for those, who suffer from kidney ailments. Applications of the paster prepared with rose water are also useful in colic pains. It can be taken orally with rose water. It has a dark circular body and its interior resembles the figure of a kidney. This gems stone is a variety of hematite.

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