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हेसोनाइट (गोमेद)

Gomed is considered being Rahu Gem. The Gem which has a colour like cow-urine, or honey or like ember, that gem is Gomed. In English, Gomed is called as Zirconia. The owner of Gomed is Rahu. This is of green colour and attractive gomed is a gem of garnet gem group to which in English it is called Hessonite. This is a very effective gem which removes the defects of Rahu.



In Jatak’s horoscope, in which bhav Rahu is situated, to increase the result of that bhav, Rahu gem Gomed should be worn.


In Aries zodiac horoscope, if Rahu is in 9th  house then by wearing Gomed, luck of Jatak will be strong.


By wearing Gomed, in the auspicious effect of Rahu is removed.


Protection from the sufferings from KaalSarp is also achieved.


By wearing Gomed person’s health and wealth conditions remain, god.


If in the horoscope, Rahu is the owner of inauspicious bhavs and is situated in the sixth or eighth house from his own house then the Jatak should wear Gomed.


वास्तविक रत्न की पहचान कैसे करें?

Gomed shines by rubbing it with wood sawdust.


In cow’s urine, gomed will change its colour.


Colour – yellow, colourless, brown, violet, blue, orange, red


Hardness – 6.5 – 7.5


Relative density – 3.90-4.71


Vertical – 1.777 -1.987

Shining – light orange, weak, light blue, light red and brown.

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