Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl

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Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl

In English Lahsunia is called Chrysoberyl. In dark it glows in various colors. Mostly it is found in Brown color. This is a mineral stone. The way Ketu Planet while remaining in human being’s horoscope affects human life, the same way this stone also affects human being’s life. This is a stone of Ketu and its owner is Ketu Planet.



·        By wearing Lahsunia, poverty ends.

·        This stone helps in black magic and ghost phantom obstructions away.

·        By wearing this, Jatak will not get worried about dreams in the night.

·        If Ketu is situated in the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth and tenth Bhav of horoscope then wearing Lahsunia is good.

·        In the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Ketu also, wearing Lahsunia is very beneficial.

·        If Ketu is along with morning planets then wearing Lahsunia is good.

·        If the fear is too much from Ghost-phantom then by wearing Lahsunia will give relief.

·        If Ketu is with Sun or visual to Sun then wearing Lahsunia is beneficial.


How to test the original gemstone


If Lahsunia is kept on some bone then within 24 hours it will make a hole in it across.

If it is kept in dark then rays emerge out of it could be seen.

If it is rubbed on a white cloth then its brightness increases.

Colour – grey, yellow, white, green-brown.

Hardness – 7

Relative density – 2.65

Vertical – 1.544 -1.553

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