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Sea Salt

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Many of us are becoming more aware of the dangers that high doses of salt in our diets can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes…

But have any of you discovered for yourselves how wonderful salt is when used as an important tool for cleansing, healing, and removing the negative energies that are at work in our homes?

Salt has been used for centuries as a traditional cleanser and purifier in many cultures around the world.

Literally, what you have with each cup of  salt is a handful of natural healing magic, and the best type of salt you can use to perform any method of cleansing, healing, or moving any unwanted negative energy within your home is Sea and Rock Salt.

When Sea and Rock Salt are combined they act together like a small vibrant energy mountain which is formed from their crystals and miraculously produces the power to move any negative energy that is in activity by absorbing the vibrations that are being released into the atmosphere.

This can be achieved if you sprinkle a little Sea and Rock Salt into a small pile in a dish, (or into a line or circle in rooms) and allow the positive influences of the sea, and the strong earthly power of the earth, to create a feeling of being balanced and grounded.

You will notice that when Salt is sprinkled in to any room that it will immediately begin to absorb any impurities found in the atmosphere and move the negative energies with ease.

Salt is also known to be a great protector and can be used to help protect you when you sleep especially if you are experiencing bad dreams or any other form of emotional distress from life, work or relationships.

By sprinkling a thick ring of Sea and Rock salt around your bed, it will help you to let go of the negative emotions that are troubling you and allow you to wake-up feeling refreshed and balanced the next day.

Your cleansing and healing Sea and Rock Salt Circle will give you protective energies for up to three days.

See for yourself how the power of salt cleansing can channel positive energy into your home by placing the salt into a bowl for 24 hours and therefore allowing it to move the negative influences leaving your home happy and well balanced.

You can place the bowls or lines of salt anywhere you want to, either at the entrance to your home or in each corner of every room, and you can repeat the process as often as you like, or when you feel that you need that extra handful of cleansing help when the negative vibrations are present.

One Step At A Time.

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