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Rabbit occupies the fourth position in Chinese Zodiac, symbolizing character traits such as compassion, creativity, and warmth. Rabbits are outgoing, friendly and peaceful. They hate conflicts and approach challenging situations coolly. Rabbits are also known to be loyal and extremely emotional about their friends and family.

People born under this sign are serene and can be easily manipulated. They have a sensitive nature which makes them withdraw from competitive or aggressive situations. Rabbits are also known for being classy, well-mannered and chic, they like to stay at home, and keep their houses neatly organized.

One thing the rabbit needs to work on is his self-confidence. The wish to stay in a safe, environment keeps Rabbits from taking any risk which can cause them to miss out on good opportunities.


Rabbits are excellent communicators which is why they make excellent politicians and diplomats.

Best career choices for Rabbits are:

  • Actor
  • Fashion designer
  • Administrator
  • Public relations
  • Therapist
  • Doctor
  • Teacher
  • Writer,
  • Publisher


Rabbits always hold a calm exterior even when they are stressed or upset about something. They bury their emotions inside and when they keep hiding their feelings, such feeling cause them to become ill. Consequently, it’s important for people of this sign to indulge in activities that reduce their stress levels.


Rabbits are sexual and very giving. This nature can give rise to unhealthy situations and unrealistic expectations. Rabbits should make partners who won’t take advantage of their giving nature.

Rabbits are most compatible with:

  • Pig
  • Dog

Rabbits are incompatible with:

  • Rooster
  • Rat

The FIVE Elements And The Rabbit

Metal – Rabbits Born In Years 1951 and 2011
Metal Rabbits are resilient, strong and determined. They are extremely passionate about every thing they do- business or personal.

Water– Rabbits Born In Years 1903 and 1963

Water Rabbits prefer avoiding conflicts and like to go with the flow. People born as water rabbits are extremely supportive of others but are easily taken advantage of.

Wood– Rabbits Born In Years 1915 and 1975
Wood Rabbits are extremely giving and selfless. They can be called “people pleasers” which makes it easy for others to take advantage of them.

Fire– Rabbits Born In Years 1927 and 1987
Fire rabbits are extremely adventurous and prone to bad temper. However, they prefer avoiding conflicts.

Earth– Rabbits Born In Years 1939 and 1999
Earth Rabbits are very realistic. They are straightforward and honest. People born as earth rabbits are lovers of material goods and a peaceful home life.

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