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Tiger or Lion's Nail (Claw) is known to represent the royality in the society but it has many other benefits too. Tiger or Lion's claw has been worn by eminent personalities, tribals, villagers, tantriks, spells casters, rich peoples worldwide.
Following are some of the major benefits of wearing Lion/Tiger Nail :
1. It provides wearer the courage to fight enemies.
2. It improves the mental health of the wealth
3. It improves the will power.
4. Protects against black magic and other spells.
5. Wards of the negatives energies, evil powers and weakens the courage of opponents.
6. It infuses the unique charm in the wearer so that everybody gets attracted and influenced.

This item is highly used to get cured from black magic and other tantrik effects. If you hand this nail in front of your door then it will stop negative energies from enetering into your house. In India lion is said to be the vehicle of Goddess durga therefore the person who wears this nail will get the blessings of Goddess Durga. If you feel that you are under effect of any black magic or spirit then you should wear this item as it will vanish all the negatives energies and spirits from you and your house. This is also helpful to protect your near and dear ones. Lion or tiger nail has been used in various type of rituals and ceremonies. Using this item in ritual and ceremonies extends the chances of success by many folds.

Disclaimer : We highly condemn of killing Tiger or lion or any other animal protected by law. This site just provide the information regarding tiger or lion's claw.

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