Kamdhenu Cow

Kamdhenu Cow

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Kamdhenu is the wish fulfilling cow. Cows are also known as 'Go Lakshmi'. It is believed if one prays to Kamdhenu, she has the ability to grant any thing one wishes for.

A cow, even in ordinary sense, gives food and brings prosperity to a family. Milk, Curd, Ghee, Butter are all obtained from a cow. A cow also tills and plows the soil for planting crop seeds. She carries the load of man on her back. No wonder, a cow is also called 'mata' or mother in Hinduism for all the various ways she takes care of us.

The cow dung is a rich source of clean fertilizer that brings forth organic produce. The cow dung is also mixed with coal powder, twigs, and sticks to make dung balls and cake, used for lighting the kitchen fire in villages, even today.

Legend has it that once the Gods told Lakshmi to go sit in the cow dung. Not knowing her immense power, they quickly learned a lesson. As Lakshmi touched the cow manure, its quality changed to great purity and became embellished with great 'urja' or energy power. Today, ladies at home make statues of Ganesh and Lakshmi with cow dung and family members worship it.

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