Vastu for Dinning Room

You are what you eat! did you hear the saying already?

I am in love with this saying just because of its meaning. It simply means that the food consumed by you and your family tends to alter your thinking, behavior, and way of living. Ever thought that the food which you eat daily could have such an impact on your life? No?

Let me reveals another very important thing related to food and that’s the “location” where you eat i.e. The Dining Room or, as some of you may call it, The Dining Area. Call it by whatever name but remember that the significance of this area is high in Vastu shastra.

But Why?

You may ask, and here’s the answer; “where you eat” ensures that the food consumed has constructive and positive effects on family members. Imagine the outcome if food has a negative and destructive influence on family members!!! However, if you don’t have a dining room/area in your home then don’t be disheartened, you can make one RIGHT NOW in your home by following our Vastu tips and guidelines.

Vastu Tips for Dining Room

  1. The dining area in the West is best, in the North or East is the second best.
  2. The dining room should always be spacious, hospitable, and comfy.
  3. While dining; the head of the family must face East. The rest of the family members can face East, North, or West.
  4. Children should not sit in the South-West corner of the dining table as this will make them gain control of the house overpower their parents.
  5. No one from the family should face South while dining else it causes small disputes among family members.
  6. East, North, or West walls are best for doors of the dining room; avoid door in South wall.
  7. Square or rectangular dining tables are best; avoid circular, oval, or any other shape as far as possible.
  8. Place the dining table towards the South-West corner of the dining area, but make sure that the dining table doesn’t touch the wall. Also, keep enough space between the dining chair and wall so that anyone can get up easily.
  9. Dining table must not fold against any wall.
  10. Do not place the dining table under a beam.
  11. Use North-East of the dining area to keep drinking water.
  12. Provide wash-basin in North or East but not in South-East or North-West.
  13. Do not attach any toilets to the dining place, but a place for washing utensils or clothes is acceptable.
  14. The main door of the house and the entrance door of the dining room should not face each other.
  15. Build kitchen and dining area on the same floor.
  16. You can keep a refrigerator in the South-East corner of the dining area.
  17. If the dining place is a part of the drawing-room (which mostly is the case these days) then use a curtain or a potted plant as a demarcation. Once separated, apply all dining room Vastu tips to this area.
  18. Best colors for dining room walls are pink, orange, yellow, cream or off-white.
  19. You can hang a mirror on the East or North wall of the dining area.

Apart from the above dining room Vastu tips there are some other factors also that need attention. These factors are not related to the dining area Vastu shastra but they can make a family well balanced and healthy.

Other Factors for Dining Area

  1. Place posters or photos of mouth-watering dishes in the dining area to arouse hunger.
  2. A family, while eating, should always be relaxed, happy, and stress-free.
  3. Family members must speak politely to each other while eating (of course, they should not yell at each other anywhere) they should converse respectfully at all times.
  4. Also, while a family is talking at a dining table, they should not make fun of the inadequacy of anyone. Again this applies not only to the dining table but universally.
  5. Dining tables must not become a classroom of etiquette for anyone as they may lose interest in consuming food.
  6. Play soft and subdued music in the dining room.
  7. Please avoid idiot box (TV) in the dining room so that the whole family spends quality time together.