Vastu for Children Room

Everyone needs a sense of care and connection with their family and home. Creating a personal space for every individual, especially children, is particularly important for fostering this sense of connectedness within the family. According to Astro & Vastu Shastra expert and founder of IIAG, Dr. Yagya Dutt Sharma, Vastu is essential in helping fill our children's bedroom with positive vibes, warmth, love, and good dreams. A child's room needs to reflect a nurturing environment. Arranging their rooms in terms of the ancient philosophy of Vastu will ensure that their health and wellness are taken care of.

Vastu Tips for a Positive Kids Room

Here are the following essential Vastu suggestions for your kid's room:

  1. The children's room must be ideally constructed in the west zone of the home. The door should be east-facing to welcome positive energies and happiness in the bedroom. The door of the bedroom should open clockwise. Avoid hanging signs or boards on the door as they foster negative energy like ego clashes, aggression, and fights between children and their parents.
  2. There should be no direct door, window, or mirror in front of the bed as it could lead to a lack of sleep and hypertension, which could result in insomnia. Mirrors can sometimes create weird illusions when you don't fully focus your vision on it, thereby ridding the space of positivity. Most experts also say that a mirror facing the bed depletes personal energy and creates sleeplessness. Because the mirror bounces all sorts of energy, it disrupts the tranquility needed in a bedroom for better sleep.
  3. The bed must be placed in the west or southwest corner of the room to usher in good fortune, good health, and success. The bed must be made of wood. A metal frame can foster negative vibrations in the environment.
  4. Stop children from eating on the bed as it can invite bad dreams and negative energy. One must prohibit kids from eating on the bed as it is a place purely meant for sleep and relaxation.
  5. According to Vastu, avoid placing too many electronic gadgets in a child's room as they produce high electromagnetic stress and harmful radiation. This could have a negative effect on a child's concentration power.
  6. We highly recommends the use of light green or light yellow shades in the room as they brighten the space and balance mood swings. Avoid the use of bed sheets, carpets, wallpaper, among others, in black and blue colors, as they can stir up negative emotions in a child.
  7. The study desk should be placed in the west or southwest direction. Also, ensure the child faces the east or north while studying as it will enhance memory and concentration.
  8. According to the principles of Vastu, it is imperative to remove unused stationery, including pens without a refill, unsharpened pencils, torn books, old books, or newspapers, among others, as it attracts negative vibrations. The study table or desk should be clutter-free to clear the path to success. Avoid placing shoes or slippers under the table as it hinders concentration.
  9. The bookshelf should be placed in the northeast section of the room and should be made of wood and not metal. A metal bookshelf will have a negative impact on children. Avoid keeping books on the study table as it creates unnecessary pressure on a child.
  10. Wild animal soft toys should be kept out of a child's room as it fosters aggression in a child.
  11. According to Vastu, children must avoid sleeping under a direct beam or an inbuilt wardrobe as it creates a lot of pressure and panic in them.