Twelve Mukhi

Twelve Mukhi

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Twelve Face(द्वादश-मुखी)Rudraksh

All the 12 Lord Aaditya (Sun) get pleased on wearing 12 face rudraksh in ears. The person will not have any fear of those persons holding arms, animals with horns and tiger etc. and nor the fear of being old and sick. This is known as Aditya rudraksh. By wearing it safety is achieved against all the obstacles and the diseases caused due to Sun. Being like Sun this makes a person strong powerful and stunning. By wearing it rescue from great sins like cow-slaughter and human murder is achieved. By wearing 12 face rudraksh achievement of vigour and magnificence of Lord Sun is achieved and auspicious glory of Sun is achieved.


·         12 face rudraksh destroys poverty and provide pleasure and wealth.

·         By using it, holiness glory of AshwamedhYagya is achieved.

·         Safety from all types of dreadful wild animals.

·         12 face rudraksh removes all obstacles.

·         All types of obstacles are destroyed by wearing 12 face rudraksh and rescue from mental and physical pains.

Mantra:- Om kromksho re manah. Om dwadshadiyebhyonamah

How to identify:-

·         To identify Rudraksh, boil the rudraksh in water for some hours, if rudraksh does not give away its colour or there is no effect on it, then it is real.

·         By cutting Rudraksh, if there are same numbers of circles inside also as there are on its outside, then it is a real rudraksh. This test is considered correct but is has a negative aspect as well that then Rudraksh is destroyed.

·         For identifying Rudraksh, scrape it with any sharp instrument, if some filament come out then consider it as real rudraksh.

·         The outer level of two real rudraksh are not stony but fake rudraksh is like stony.

·         Another solution is that keep the Rudraksh in water if is sinks then it will be real, if it does not sink then it is fake, but this test is not considered useful because the capability of rudraksh to sink or not to sink depends on its density and its being raw or being riped and rudraksh made up of any metal or heavy material will also sink in water.

·         By keeping the bead of rudraksh in between two coins of copper, it shakes

·         Because rudraksh has magnetic force that is why it shakes.

·         It is said that keep the rudraksh in the nails of both the thumbs and if it revolves then it is real otherwise fake, but this method is also not correct.

·         By seeing 12 face rudraksh carefully, there is an impression of sign of prong (Trishul) or eye. Keeping the beads of rudraksh in sun light for a long time and there is no crack on rudraksh or it does not break then it should be considered as real.

·         Before buying rudraksh some basic things must be kept in mind that Rudraksh should not be affected by worms, it should not be broken, should not be fully round and should not be rip off or split while making hole in it then those rudrakshs must not be worn.

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