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Rudraksh Garland

This garland is considered as the best for all types of accomplishments and Chants. On Rudraksh Garland, all types of Chant could be performed. For all persons, right from childhood age to Old age, Rudraksh Garland is considered as paramount.

To hold this garland from one bead to 108 beads’ garland could be hold/worn and for chant from 27 beads to 1008 beads garland could be used. As per needs and as per wish, garland from one bead to many beads could be hold/worn. To hold/worn Rudraksh in more and more organs of the body, more benefit could be achieved. By holding real rudraksh garland, blood pressure, seminal defects are cured. Intellectual development and mental power is achieved and profit in business etc.

For diseases of abdomen & ovulation and blood pressure and heart disease related many diseases, six face rudraksh garland should be soaked into water in a vessel and after every 24 hours, this water of Rudraksh should be drink in the morning empty stomack for definite benefit.

For persons who are victim of brain defects and persons doing brain related works, to have strength garland of four mouth Rudraksh should be soaked in water in a silver vessel. After interval of every 24 hours drink this water of rudraksh empty stomach. This experiment gives miraculous effect. 

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