Online Course

Online Course (Mode Of Teaching)

Live Interactive Online In A Virtual Class Room. The Class Room Link Will Be Given And You Can Log In To A Virtual Class Room Where You Can See, Hear Lecture And Can Ask Questions.

Requirement (What You Need) All You Need Is A Basic Computer Or Leptop, An Internet Connection And Like And Head Phones. This Is Beneficial For Those Who Can Not Come Institute Physically.

Advantages:- They Can Learn Sitting At Home. It Is A Fully Interactive Course With Questions Answers And Discussions Of Hundreds Of Birth Charts. You Can Record An Replay The Entire Class Like Video On Your Computer.

Software Study Material Provide: Our Institute Will Provide Self Designed Soft Copy Of Course Material And Software “Nakshtra Gold” Also, Some Study Material Will Be Provided In The Beginning And Rest Will Be Provided As Course Will Go On.

Courses Are Available:-                                                                                                                                                               

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6 Month Certificate Courses:-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Keeping shortage of time in consideration, IIAG Institute has provision of 6 Month Course in which all subjects related to astrology will be taught through Nakshatra Gold Software which is created by IIAG. This software is based solely on the Krishnamurty method, which will give you complete information about astrology in a short period of time. Now onwards, there will be no need to spend time on calculations and memorize rules. All these options will be readily available in the software.
All of us believe that astrology is a vast field, but you can understand all the mysterious topics of astrology in a short span of 6 Month Course. If a person does not understand the subject matter well during the 6 Month Course training then the institution will also support in the future without any additional charge.
According to the need of time, IIAG Institute has a provision of short term courses. Nakshtra Gold Software, created by IIAG institute, will be used to teach all courses related to astrology and Vastu by 6 Month Course.
 The courses will be presented in both modes: online and offline. In this course of 6 Month, you will be taught the following points: -
·         Knowledge of planets / zodiac / constellations
·         Horoscope creation by Krishnamurthy
·         Prediction of twelve cusp by Krishnamurti
·         Dasha-Bhukti-Antra prediction
·         Ruling planet
·         Horary
·         Birth time rectification
·         Fortune point
·         Education and business
All of these points will be the key aspects of the course which will be presented through Nakshtra Gold software. If a person does not understand the subject matter completely during the 6 Month Course training then the institution will also support in the future without any additional charge.
 This course is available in both online as well as offline format.
  1. Jyotish Pravin
  • Birth Eligible Mathematics
  • Astronomy
  • Genral Astrology
  • Asthak Varg
  • Gochar
  • Bankrupt
  • Hast Rekha
  1. Jyotish Aacharya
  • Livelihood
  • Auspicious Beginning
  • Dashaye
  • Marriage And Children
  • Bankrupt
  • Age
  1. Vastu Shastra
  • The Emergence Of Architectural
  • Land
  • Grahaarambh
  • Bahumanziliy Home
  • Astrology
  1. Taziik Paddhati
  • Introduction To Taziik Paddhati
  • Force Of Planets
  • Dasha
  • Saham
  • Tripta Chakra
  1. Prashna Shastra
  • Introduction To Prashna Shastra
  • Planets, Classification Of Prices And Amounts
  • Stpanchasika
  • Questions From The Patient’s Illness
  • Marriage Related Questions
  1. Krishnamurti Paddhati
  • Introduction To Krishnamurti Paddhati
  • Krishnamurti Paddhati Aayanansh
  • Health Native
  • Marriage, Analyze The Perverse, Accidents Etc.
  • Question Method 1 To 249 Making Kundli.
Nature & Goal Of Course                                                                                                                                             
For Those Who Have Differently Approaching Vedic Astrology, This Corresspondse Keys For Unlocking It’s Language And It’s Methodology, Both In Terms Of Chart Interpretation And The Application Of Remedial Measures.
Goal Of This Course Isto Provide A Good Foundation Astrology. Main objectives are to teach the fundamental of vedic astrology and chart interruptation through the planets, signs, houses, aspects, yogas, dashas, divisional charts and transits.
Jyotish, Which Is Also Known As Vedic Astrology Is The Traditional Astrology Of Our Country. This Is A Comprehenshive System Of Astrological Interpretation, Containing Accurate Method Of Examining All Aspects Of Life From Health To Enlightment. It Has Tremendons Power Both For Prediction Of Events And For Guidance On How To Live In Harmony With The Universe, Helping Us To Understand And Transcent The Influence Of Karma.