Moti Ki Mala

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Pearl Garland (Moti ki Mala)

Pearl Garland is useful to every person. By holding/wearing this garland, you will feel peace of mind and this garland keeps moon planet calm. In horoscope, if moon’s position is bad then in that condition this garland is considered to be useful. This garland is of 54 or 108 beads. Any Jatak can hold/wear it. This Garland is very essential for those who do water related works. If this garland is hold/ worn by young age children, then they will achieve much success in education. This garland keeps ladies happy and this garland looks very beautiful & charming.

On Monday, in the morning after wearing while colour clothes, keep this garland on leaf of peepal and worship it and then hold/wear it, then it will give complete benefit. 

• Pearl Garland is considered good for holding/wearing and for chanting. By chanting mantras of moon planet on this garland, moon gives peace of mind and provide physical health.

• Apply While Sandal and hold/wear Pearl Garland and worship Lord Shiva, then definitely Shiva will be pleased quickly.

• In an inauspicious dasha of Moon, chant Chandra Mantra on Pearl Garland, you will be protected from inauspicious results of Moon.

• Chant of Mantra of Om ShraShrinShroSahChandramaseNamah on Pearl Garland by 11,000 times, and the unfavourable moon start giving favourable results. 

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