Moles in Astrology

Those people who have the Rajyoga in their horoscopes, will have a royal mark or mole on the hand or on the foot.

The planets in the houses which are above the horizon i.e., 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and12, the moles will be on the front of the body. Probably, planets in these houses are visible. Houses 1 to 6 are below the horizon and planets there in can not be seen. So, also, the planets in the houses 1 to 6 indicate moles on the back side, which the person can not see directly.

Benefic Jupiter or Venus or Mercury or waxing Moon in the 3rd house gives a mole in the upper part of the ear. Where as malefics in the 3rd house produce a mole in the lower tip of the ear.

In the case of ordinary persons, having the mole in the upper portioon of the ear, they will surely have free flow of money and will not have any pressure for finance during the Dasha of the benefic in the 3rd house, (which produces this mole).

Therefore moles in the ear are said to be fortunate, one day or the other, sooner or later depending on the planet who has caused it.

If malefics occupy the 3rd house, the mole will be in the lower tip of the ear. This does not threaten any loss to money or honour but danger to life by drowning, sudden tragic end is protended. Therefore during the period of the malefic in the 3rd house, try to keep off the water, avoid travelling by boat or swimming.

FINGER : Mole in the finger indicates that one can not be straight forward, he will be cunning and clever; he will not be honest. He can not save money and be rich.

Mole in the thumb gives one a stubborn attitude. Due to rash action, he will get into trouble. He will be independent and agressive. He may at times be foolshardy.

Moles in the finger of Jupiter brings bad reputation by the indecisive nature. He is often thwarted by the myriads of obstacles and impediments. There is loss by speculation and litigation. There will be difficulty in getting one's heritance.

Mole in the middle finger indicates that one needs diplomacy and business acumen. One will be selfish and miserly. Falsification of accounts, mis-appropriation etc. are not ruled out.

Moles in the ring finger show that one is susceptible to infectious diseases. There will be dismissel or removal in service and financial trouble. He meets with all varieties of disappointments.

Moles in the little finger threatens trouble caused by indigestion and nervous break-down. One may commit forgery or theft. He will cheat others and will never hesitate to carry tales. He can not be relied upon.

SHIN : Moles in the shin indicate that he will not suffer even in adverse periods but will have providential help to enjoy his life. In lucky periods he is more lucky than others. He will be liberal, hence not very rich. Yet he will never be in want.

SHOULDER - Moles on the right shoulder indicate that he will marry a lucky partner. He will have social and financial success. He will not waste money. It promises much prosperity. If the mole is on either of the shoulders, one will be economical, prudent and frugal. He is neither dull nor very intelligent. He will not be frank and outspoken.

SIDE - On either side of the body, near any of the ribs, if there is one mole ormany, the person lacks courage and confidence. Fond of easy life. He is contented even though he may remain poor, hence not respected by his own relatives and friends. Even his wife will not co-operate with him. His children will not be obedient and dutiful. He is lazy and lethargic and does not work for the improvement of his benk balance. He will be given to drinking and thereby waste money. He will have no pleasure of love. A bad position for the mole in the side of the body.

STOMACH - The mole in the ppit of stomach indicates that the person will become rich. He may not qualify much but he will be industrious. With his common sense he will carry out his work and satisfy superiors. He will be with pleasant mannners and accomodative nature.

If the mole is in the lower part of the stomach, he will help others by his influences and he will not actually do any thing e.g., he will promise to donate 100/- but finally he will give only 50 N.P.. He will not give any thing to others personally but will remain pretending for one excuse or the other and continue to give future hopes. As such people may respeft him on the face but on the back they will curse him.

THROAT - The mole in the throat is a very good position. It indicates his fortune togather with his lucky and rich wife. Ladies having such a mole, find their husbands, though born in an obscure family at the time of marriage. Yet they become rich from the time of marriage. In most of the cases, rich boys marry poor girls, who have moles in their throat or in the chin.

ANKLE - People will have black moles in their ankles if Rahu or Ketu or Sani occupies the 11th house which indicates ankle and Saturn, Rahu or Ketu are the malefic planets causing moles.

Cowardice is indicated by the mole in this area. If the lagna is aspected by Saturn, he will not be bold, but the partner in life will be courageous, alert and active as it is in 5th to the 7th house.

When a person has Sani and Rahu in 11th house whether benefic or malefic by nature, promise happy and harmonious wedded life. One can be sure of these results, if he has a mole in the ankle.

ARM (FORE-ARM) - Third house occupied by the malefics indicate mole in the arm, especially when it is a movable or common sign. The fixed sign indicates that the mole will be in the neck. Those who have moles in the arms wilol be courteous and industrious. They face many difficulties.

Mole in the arm indicates that a person will be a widower at 40.

It is mentioned in UTTARA KALAMRIT that Rahu or Ketu in 5 or 9 conjoined with or aspected by lords of 2 and 7 cause death. Intellegent application should be applied as below:-
Lagna indicates the person, 7th house shows the wife, Rahu is in 9th to 7th house, Saturn is lord of 7th to 7th. Hence Rahu in 9th conjoined with the lord of 7th from 7th caused sudden tragic end to his wife. This is how every rule is to be applied.

BREAST - Mole will be found on the right breast if there are malefics in the 4th house or in the sign Cancer. Moles will be found on the left breast if the malefics are in the 10th house or in Capricorn.

Moles on the right breast portrays that one may be given to drink. He will be much attached to the love affairs. But at the same time it threatens much misfortune in life. One may have sudden reverse from riches to poverty. If the lord of the Navansh occupied by the owner of the 4th house is in 6, the person will have much pressure for money and he will mortgage his property. But if the lord of the 4th house is in 8th or if the lord of 8 is in 4, the native once for all sell away the property. Any how the person will lose possession of the property.

There may be many accidents. The 4th house indicates conveyance and building. If malefics are in 4, the old wall may fall and he may be injured or may meet accident while travelling and the vehicle may get damaged.

Malefics in 4th house shows many children, mostly girls, 5th house indicates children, only when the 5th house is occupied by malefics, either there will be no children or children may be still born or short lived, but the 4th house is the 12th to the 5th and hence it shows expences to them.

The person will have such friends that will cheat the native and will do harm as the 4th house forms quincunx aspect with the 11th house which represents friends.

Molles in the left breast indicates that one will be hard working. He will accumulate wealth. Mostly boys will be born who may make their fortune by going overseas and establishing connection with foreigners. In ladies this mole shows their sincerity in love and ssterling character. It promises that they will become richer and richer as age advances.

BUTTOCKS - Moles on the buttocks denote that one will be lazy and lethargic. 7th house signifies the buttocks. So malefics in the 7th house oppose the ascendant and spoil the lagna. Hence the person will be idle. He will not be successful in his attempts and he will not be satisfied with his income. Expenses will exceed his income.

Saturn in 7th makes one idle. Mars in7 indicate extravagent partners. Rahu or Ketu in 7 increases the medical bill due to partner's ailment.

Saturn depresses one, delays every action, Mars makes foolshardy and arrogant, thereby losing very good chances to come up in life.