Marriage and Children

Main house of marriage is 7th supportive are 2nd & 11th,7th house is for legal (social marriage, 2nd marriage increasing in family and 11th for long term attachment & friendship.

Accurating to KP if subloard of 7th house is present in nakshtra of any planet that is related to 2/7/11 only them marriage otherwise not. If it is related to 4,6,10,12 no marriage and if it is related to 2,7,11 and 4,6,10,12 in that case first marriage them divorce.

  1. If subloard of 7th house is mercury them it is probebelity of two marriages.
  2. Similerly if subloard of 7th house is present in nakshtra of mercury then also probebelity of two marriage.
  3. If subloard of 7th house, is present in naskhtra’s of any planets which is present in dual sign 3,6,9,12 them also probebelity of two marriages.

Second marriage:- if subloard of 2nd house, is present in nakshtra of a planet which is related/ linked with 7th house only them 2nd marriage otherwise not, and if it related to 11th house then he keeps her as 2nd wife in present/ absence of his easiler wife.

To whom you will be married:-
Lord of 7th house, nakshtra lord, sub nakshtra lord must be present in each other’s seeing planet at the time of birth.

Ag. In a gives kundli, lord of 7th house, mars, lord of nakshtra(sat), sub nakshtra lord is Jupiter. Jupiter is in nakshtra of ketu and in sub up nakshtra of venus. All above planets should be lord at the birth of male(boy). Similarly, kaarak of 7th house of male should be lord at the birth time of girl.

In this girls kundli 7th house lord is mars, nakshtra lord is Saturn, upnakshtra lord is Jupiter, Jupiter is in nakshtra of ketu & in sub nakshtra of venus, if all these planets are lord planets of boy only them marriage will be there otherwise not.

Now, let us check
Boy is born in kumbh lagna. Sign lord is Saturn , mars in 7th house, Jupiter is in sign of moon(I,e kark), moon is in nakshtra of venus, ketu is sitting with Saturn and mars………………… because ketu is sitting in vrishchik sign. So, girls 7th houses kaarak are lord planet of boy’s birth time.

Love Marriage

Rules for birth of children:- a person will be able to produce children if the following three conditions aresimultaneously fulfilled.

  1. The sub-lord of the vth culp should not be retrograde.
  2. The sub-lord of the vth culp should not be posited in the star of a planet which is retrograde.
  3. the sub-lord should signify either 2nd, vth or 11th house.
  4. Astrologers are very expect in justifying past events without much difficulty. The real test of the astrologer comes when he predicts about the future.


The cousultant gave a number 247 between 1 and 249 at Bombay at 6.30 P.M. on 26-03-1969 and wanted to know whether he will have any child or will have to adopt some one. The 5th cusp is very important to see whether one is capable of producing a child or not. The 11th house is the 5th house of the partner.

Therefore the 11th cusp shows whether the partner will be able to produce children or not. If both 5th and 11th cusps are unfavourable, both the husband or wife wil be sterile and if such a couple wants to have a child. the only way out is to adopt some body's child.

To judge the time of birth. one has to select the significators of houses 2, 5 and 11, predict the time during the conjoint period of the significators.

One will be able to produce the children if the following three conditions are simultaneously satisfied.

  1. The sub lord of the 5th cusp is not retrograde.
  2. It is not posited in the constellation of a retrograde planet, and
  3. It is a significator of either 2nd or 5th or 11th house.
  4. If any of the above three conditions are not satisfied one will not be able to produce a child at all.